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Ranking 5 Greatest Playoffs in NBA Finals History

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Greatest Playoffs in NBA Finals History

Everything about the NBA is always amazing. However, certain moments capture the awe. If you are an NBA fan, then you know how intense the playoffs can sometimes be. Stars proving their worth, big teams taking on each other, and the emotional and online drama.

Every year, the playoffs serve as the stage for big names to prove their worth while others rise to the occasion. From the beginning to the end, it’s a do-or-die, making the playoffs more intriguing than any other game.

Every playoff has something unique. However, the vigor and commitment of the play are always the epitome of everything. There are many memorable NBA playoffs, but none surpasses these five.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors-2016 playoffs

If you are a fan of LeBron James, this is the year he symbolized his supremacy as the GOAT of basketball.

Playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, he led in terms of assists, blocks, steals, rebounds, and points. Some of these memorable moments still trend on YouTube.

This year was not only about LeBron but the amazing comeback the Cavaliers made. After being 3-1 down, the team won three consecutive games, getting a spot at the NBA championship. They made a name as one of the most resilient teams in the NBA that year. Just when people thought they were done, they won the final playoffs.

If you love drama and gossip, remember when the players’ wives were engaged in physical and online social media exchanges? This began even before the game, making it one of the most emotional games.

Compared to the NBA playoffs games today, this year had the toughest and most competitive schedules. All the teams proved formidable; however, the Cavaliers showed some signs of winning that year. While fans expected a victory, the events of the game surpassed expectations.

2. The Chicago Bulls vs. Utah Jazz NBA Finals in 1998

The legacy of Michael Jordan shall remain in the NBA. This was his last game when he cemented his history as one of the NBA’s greatest. Saving his team from 2-1 down, he proved why he was still the greatest despite his career coming to an end.

The Utah Jazz had some relief and joy going to the game because Jordan was not at his best. Before the game, he was battling the flu. Still, he succeeded in scoring 38 points and hitting a clutch 3-pointer to seal the victor and legacy.

Since that final, the Bull’s dominance ended. The team is still strong, but 1998 marked the end of an era. This game was not only about Jordan; remember other names like Scottie Pippen, Karl Malone, and John Stockton.

The battles between Stockton and Pippen also marked one of the epic moments in the game. It is still a discussion in the minds of NBA die-hard fans. The narratives and emotions going into the game made it one of the most intense games.

For Jordan, it marked the end of an era and a mark left on the minds of basketball lovers.

3. Los Angeles Lakers vs. Philadelphia 76ers in 1980 NBA Finals

By 1980, digital televisions were rare, and live game streaming was unavailable. Despite all that, this game was one of the most viewed due to its intensity and rivalry. At one point, everyone was really nervous due to injuries. The Lakers, by then, were considered rookies, but they had Magic Johnson leading them against opponents.

Remember, this is the year Kareem Abdul Jabbar was sidelined due to injuries. It was a chance for Magic Johnson to step up and lead the team. The Lakers proved their team was not only about Kareem but a team of the best players.

Dr J’s Reverse Layup was at his peak, doing his Magic and dazzling the fans with every move. The tension was high, and at one time, the match was advertised as Magic vs Julius Erving. As a rookie, Magic showcased the best skills, dominating the center and becoming the team leader during the match.

4. Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs 2013 Finals

Playing for the Miami Heat then, LeBron proved himself to be one of the best in the NBA. At the end of the game, he had one of the most impressive performances: 10.9 rebounds, seven assists, and 37 points. He also won the MVP title.

Miami Heat were behind the whole time, and fans were sure the game was going to end with the Spurs as winners. However, LeBron and his teammates turned things around. First, he hit a clutch three-pointer. Ray Allen, followed by one of the most amazing corner threes. All these efforts calmed the court, sending the game to extra time and all the fans’ hearts racing.

Besides the Miami Heat having one of the most impressive games, the Spurs’ Danny Greene created a new NBA record. He set a record for the most three points in an NBA game. As the Miami Heat prevailed in the 95-88 victory, he made an impressive input to push the Spurs.

5. New York Knicks vs. Los Angeles Lakers-1970 Finals

No NBA finals was packed with stars like this game. Every team had a big name as part of their roster, setting the stage for one of the biggest battles. The Knicks had Walt Frazier, Dave DeBusschere, and Willis Reed, while the Lakers had the iconic duo Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West.

There was also drama as Willis Reed inspired his team to turn things around despite having an injury. He got into the game and turned things around. The Lakers lost the game but had an incredible performance led by Jerry West. Averaging 23 points, 2.8 assists per game, and 10.5 rebounds, he won an MVP.


NBA playoffs are always amazing; however, these five will maintain their history of being the best.

The games feature drama, twists, comebacks, high emotions, and intense rivalry. Despite the bigger and better team winning, the comebacks and iconic stars carried the day and saved their teams.




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