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Artist Anna Chekh Showcases “Diversity of Shadow Man” at Icon Siam



Artist Anna Chekh
Anna Chekh presents "Diversity of Shadow Man"

International contemporary artist Anna Chekh presents “Diversity of Shadow Man.” The artist showcases her trendy 3D art objects, a large Shadow Man sculpture, digital art, art prints, and innovative 3D pictures at the ArtVentureNFT gallery (1st floor, Icon Siam).

Step into the captivating world of “Shadow Man” by international contemporary artist Anna Chekh, where her iconic art character unveils the rich tapestry of her artistic vision. This enigmatic figure symbolizes curiosity and exploration of the world while steadfastly guarding his private life and values, embodying a faceless hero for the public. Shadow Man reflects the spirit of our generation, resonating with profound insights and captivating storytelling.

Artist Anna Chekh

The exhibition features a collection of unique art objects from Chekh’s acclaimed ‘Shadow Man’ series, previously showcased at prestigious international venues including DIFC Art Nights in Dubai and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Soon, this compelling collection will be presented in Miami, New York, and Venice.

Artist Anna Chekh

Alongside the ‘Shadow Man’ series, Anna Chekh presents a captivating selection of paintings, art prints, and digital artworks. Delve into the symbolic narrative crafted by Chekh, blending neo-symbolism with surrealistic elements to offer a profound visual journey into the human psyche and societal themes.

Artist Anna Chekh

As a multidisciplinary artist, Anna Chekh extends her creative vision across various mediums, from traditional canvases and sculptures to cutting-edge NFTs, interactive installations, and innovative web 3.0 projects.

Her artworks, celebrated for their depth and innovation, have been showcased at esteemed venues worldwide from New York and Tokyo to Bangkok and Dubai, including the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris.

Anna has received numerous prestigious awards, including Best Innovative NFT 2024 and Best Phygital NFT 2023 (Dubai, Burj Khalifa).

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