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81-Year-old Man Held For ‘Digital Rape’ Of Minor In India

(CTN News) - An 81-year-old man was arrested in India on Sunday in connection with an alleged "digital rape" of a minor, according to the Hindustan Times. In the police...

Tourism Industry in Thailand Struggling to Stay Alive

Thailand was one of the first places to reopen to tourists late last year, but under confusing rules – including seven-day quarantine – travelers complained the small print failed...
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Russia and Ukraine War

UNICEF Says Ukraine War Threatens Malnourished Children Worldwide

(CTN News) - The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) warned that as many as 600,000 additional children could be left without access to life-saving...

Ukraine Attack on Russian Forces Destroys 20-30 Tanks

Russian military forces have suffered heavy losses having an entire battalion wiped out by Ukrainian forces at the Donets River. Ukraine forces destroyed a pontoon...

Russia Has Lost Weapons & 26000 Troops In Ukraine Since Start Of War, Claims Ukraine

(CTN News) - The conflict in Eastern Europe entered its 79th day on Friday, and the Ukrainian Defence Ministry claimed that Russia has suffered...

Ukrainian Prosecutor General is Investigating More Than 11,000 Alleged War Crimes by Russia

(CTN News) - It is reported that the office of Ukraine's prosecutor general told CNN that a total of 11,239 alleged war crimes committed...


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Chelsea Women and the WSL Title – The Road to Back-to-Back-to-Back Championships

With the 2021/2022 Barclays WSL season done, Chelsea Women is crowned champion for the third time consecutively. However, many might argue that the 2019/2020...

Which Player Is Likely to Win the EPL Golden Boot This Season?

This season’s English Premier League (EPL) has been one of the most exciting at every level. The top two are battling to win the...

Former Australian Cricketer Andrew Symonds Died in Car Accident At 46

(CTN News) - Andrew Symonds, a former Australian cricketer, died in a car crash on Saturday night, May 14. An all-rounder for the Australian...


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Why Do Pressure Machine Businesses Need Insurance in 2022?

Despite not largely being a legal requirement, insurance touches almost all areas of business; in 2020 global gross premiums reached $5.3 trillion. Businesses in the pressure washing industry are...

Nick Jonas Eats Off of Wife Priyanka Chopra’s Backside in Cheeky Photo: ‘Yummy’

Nick Jonas knows a "flavorful" bite when he sees it.Priyanka Chopra shared a funny photograph to Instagram Sunday of her better half taking a...

US Military Left Service Dogs Behind in Afghanistan

An animal rights bunch pummeled the Biden organization after the US military was blamed for leaving its agreement dogs behind in Afghanistan prior to...