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Monkeypox: Which Countries Have Reported The First Monkeypox Cases?

(CTN News) - An outbreak of the rare and potentially dangerous monkeypox has been confirmed in the United States after some infections were reported across Europe. A case of...

The Basics of Term Life Insurance Quotes

Life Insurance is an excellent part of planning for your future. A quality life insurance policy will protect your family's finances in the event of your death. While there...
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Russia and Ukraine War

Putin’s Stand on NATO Backfires as Finland and Sweden Join Alliance

Days after Russia's Vladimir Putin warned Moscow would react to the NATO expansion of military infrastructure on its borders, Finland and Sweden have officially...

UNICEF Says Ukraine War Threatens Malnourished Children Worldwide

(CTN News) - The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) warned that as many as 600,000 additional children could be left without access to life-saving...

Ukraine Attack on Russian Forces Destroys 20-30 Tanks

Russian military forces have suffered heavy losses having an entire battalion wiped out by Ukrainian forces at the Donets River. Ukraine forces destroyed a pontoon...

Russia Has Lost Weapons & 26000 Troops In Ukraine Since Start Of War, Claims Ukraine

(CTN News) - The conflict in Eastern Europe entered its 79th day on Friday, and the Ukrainian Defence Ministry claimed that Russia has suffered...


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Warriors vs. Mavericks, Guardians vs. Reds: Expert predictions

Warriors vs. Mavericks, Guardians vs. Reds: This Wednesday, every major sport is in action, but which games are generating the most betting interest? Five factors...

The Avs win Game 1 3-2 after Manson scores 8:02 Into OT

DENVER -- — The only thing Josh Manson could do near the blueline with players flying at him was to hold his ground. He was...

Robert Lewandowski Agrees To Take €6M Pay Cut As Barcelona Move Edges Closer

(CTN News) - Robert Lewandowski's move to Barcelona appears to be close as the Pole has reportedly agreed to take a massive pay cut....


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Thai Airways Posts a 155% Increase in Revenue

THAI Airways International has posted a 155% increase in revenue and a narrower loss in the first quarter of this year, with liquidity surging to the highest point since...

Nick Jonas Eats Off of Wife Priyanka Chopra’s Backside in Cheeky Photo: ‘Yummy’

Nick Jonas knows a "flavorful" bite when he sees it.Priyanka Chopra shared a funny photograph to Instagram Sunday of her better half taking a...

US Military Left Service Dogs Behind in Afghanistan

An animal rights bunch pummeled the Biden organization after the US military was blamed for leaving its agreement dogs behind in Afghanistan prior to...