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Things You Need to Know About Seema Kohli’s Paintings

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Things You Need to Know About Seema Kohli's Paintings

Born in 1960, Seema Kohli is a renowned modern artist and one of the most esteemed women in India. She is a living legend, and for the last 35 years, she has developed her niche in modern art. Her ingenious collection is diverse, including a wide variety of mediums, from murals, paintings, observational installation performances, and sculptures, each offering an exclusive expression of her work. In this post, we are going to discuss artwork and famous paintings by Seema Kohli.

Who is Seema Kohli?

Seema Kohli is an Indian contemporary artist, poet, and sculptor. She has worked on several paintings, sculptures, and installations. Following the female’s energy, power, beauty, and passion, her creations represent the different aspects of a woman. Shakti, the more advanced cosmic power that emits via the female archetype, has been intensely dealt with and shown in most of her endeavours. With more than three decades of practice, Seema Kohli’s paintings are inspired by philosophy, mythology, iconography and literature to develop stories that remodel the lost womanly narrative in artistic history.

As an artist, she intertwines spiritual, mythical, individual, and universal elements into her art. Time is another entity that hugely controls her work. She undertakes her formations in big and small layouts with different layers of colours and drawings that produce visual magic.

Recognised for her convoluted and surreal representations of women, each of her depictions integrates multilayered stories from spirituality, myths, and philosophy, from the Tree of Life to the lotus flowers. Her hard-won determination and inner self-confidence gleam through these painted festivities of dainty power.

A Peak into Seema Kohli’s Artwork

Seema has had more than thirty single shows in Brussels, Venice, New York, London, Singapore, Dubai, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and a lot more. She has taken part in Global Biennials (Shanghai, Venice, India) and art exhibitions (Basel, Hong Kong, Beijing, India, Madrid). Her work can be perceived as landscapes of 10′ x100′ at Mumbai International/Domestic Airport and T3 Delhi International Airport. Her creations are present in collections at the Melinda Bill Gates Foundation, National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore, MOSA-Brussels, Rubin’s Museum, and Kochi Museum of Arts. She stays and works in New Delhi. Now, we will talk about some of the finest paintings of Seema Kohli:

1. Golden Womb Series

One of her remarkable series of art is known as the Golden Womb series. The Golden Womb delves into themes associated with birth, creation, and the sustenance features of the womanlike principle. She gets inspiration from different mythologies, such as Buddhist, Hindu, and Greek, to explore the analogy of the womb as a divine and visionary space.

In these art forms, she usually shows complex, hypothetical forms that look like the structure of a womb, employing gold leaf and bright colours to discover a sense of plentitude and divine significance. The usage of gold in her art forms not only increases visual affluence but also brings figurative weight, showing purity, sanctity, and revolution.

By her work on Golden Womb, she urges viewers to envisage the secrecy of life, the interrelation of all existing creatures, and the endless cycle of formation and recurrence. Her artworks are not only visually appealing but also furnish a way of reflection and spiritual expedition.

In general, Seema Kohli’s paintings in the Golden Womb series testify to her skills of symbolism and capability of evoking philosophical emotions through her art.

2. Yogini

Seema’s artwork in the Yogini series is another important form that scrutinises details of femininity, spirituality, and empowerment. The phrase Yogini indicates a female specialist in yoga, specifically one who has gained a high level of spiritual awareness.

In this series, she has drawn inspiration from age-old Indian mythology, particularly from the idea of the Yogini persuasion that came out all through mediaeval times. The Yoginis were admired as strong female divinities linked to many facets of feminine power, insight, and mysticism.

Her portrayal in the Yogini series normally involves illustrations of female figures in varying and articulative poses, representing grace, strength, and spiritual sophistication. These figures are embellished with elaborate symbols, jewellery, and motifs inspired by conventional Indian art, adding layers of analogy and cultural meaning to the artworks.

The Yogini series explores the notion of feminine holiness and the transformational power of meditation and yoga. Through its bright colours, detailed creations, and fluid lines, it captures the aspect of Yogini’s voyage towards self-recognition and internal conformity.

Furthermore, the series praises feminine power and approval, challenging long-established gender roles and patterns. Her portraits in Yogini exemplify a sense of self-possession and organisation, motivating viewers to grab their individual inner power and spiritual possibility.

On the whole, the Yogini series is a visual journey of the crossing between sacredness, art, and femininity. Over her expressive representation and wealthy symbolism, she appeals to viewers to get on an excursion of self-revelation and supremacy directed by the eternal sanity of the Yoginis.

Final Words

Seema Kohli’s paintings and artwork aim at a woman’s physical features, ability, emotions, realities, and dreams. Her art rejoices sensuality, beauty, and acquaintance. Performing with inks, oils on canvas, combined mediums, printmaking, and ceramics, her work has reformulated the basic delineations of figurative or symbolic art in India and has got admirers all over the world. If you are an art lover and looking to buy a piece of the renowned artwork by Seema Kohli to decorate your place, you can check out the best collection at Eikowa. Here, you can order these art forms online and get them delivered to your doorsteps hassle-free.

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