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Constitutional Court Issues Second Warning to Move Forward Party Over Ongoing Case Remarks



Constitutional Court Issues Second Warning to Move Forward Party Over Ongoing Case Remarks

(CTN News) – For the second time, the Constitutional Court has warned the Move Forward Party not to mention active court matters.

The party was previously questioned when its senior leader, Pita Limjaroenrat, was involved in the iTV share case. The court issued a warning via press release after taking issue with certain remarks made by the party.

In Pita’s case, the court told the party that commenting on cases in various media channels was inappropriate. Expressing thoughts, whether good or negative, on a case before the court has announced its ruling is considered influencing or pushing the judges, which is inappropriate and warrants a warning.

The court is considering a dissolution case against the party in response to the Move Forward Party’s demand to change the lese-majeste legislation, which falls under the offense of attempting to undermine the constitutional monarchy system of government. The Constitutional Court had earlier ruled against the party, ordering it to retract the policy.

In the most recent summons document, released on Wednesday for the hearing scheduled for June 12, the court issued a warning at the end, stating that before the Constitutional Court issues a verdict, the parties should refrain from commenting on cases that may influence public opinion, as this could impact the court’s deliberations.

A political party or individual group receives a warning in practically all politically linked issues decided by the Constitutional Court.

Before the court’s ruling is finalized, high-ranking party officials typically announce the news confidently, claiming that their actions were not illegal and frequently criticizing political structures.

The latest provocation for the Constitutional Court’s warning came from an interview with Move Forward Party leader Chaithawat Tulathon, who stated, “We understand that the verdict to be issued is not solely based on legal grounds.” There are political motivations involved. Everyone knows that political forces significantly influenced the Move Forward Party’s collapse.

His words were interpreted as casting doubt on the court’s credibility, resulting in the warning.

Parit Wacharasindhu, a spokesperson for Move Forward Party, stated that if a court decides to dissolve the party, the organization will reveal its battle plan on June 9. Historically, no political party facing accusations has revealed its lawsuit plan before the court’s decision.

Despite the court’s warning, Move Forward stated that it would continue to announce its legal strategy on June 9, as planned, and clarified that the event was not designed to pressure the court or influence its decision.

Move Forward Party has continually called for structural changes in governance and challenged existing power systems.

Previously, prominent ideological elements in the party, such as Piyabutr Saengkanokkul, proposed dissolving the charter court.

The relationship between the Move Forward Party and the Constitutional Court appears to be one of constant confrontation, with each encounter characterized by strong, pointed attacks.

However, in today’s political context, the Move Forward Party is viewed as the underdog, under continual criticism and pressure, with their political status at stake. As a result, the current situation appears to be a final battle for the party’s existence.

It remains to be seen whether the Move Forward Party will continue to spew strong rhetoric that impacts the judicial process and whether the Constitutional Court will respond if its warning proves futile.

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