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Parents Who Claim Their Boy is the Reincarnated Son of Lord Buddha Ordered to Stop Profiteering



Reincarnated Son of Lord Buddha

Thai authorities on Tuesday ordered the parents of “Nong Nice”, an eight-year-old boy who they claim is Lord Buddha’s reincarnated son, to cease profiteering off their son. Nong Nice’s parents have been accused of running a cult.

Apinya Chompumas, director-general of the Department of Children and Youth, spoke about the matter after meeting with the boys’ parents at the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security.

Nong Nice’s parents had gone there to get aid protecting their family from charges that they were conducting a cult. They had hoped to meet Minister Varawut Silpa-archa, but he was in a cabinet meeting and assigned Mrs Apinya to speak with them instead.

Mrs. Apinya stated that she advised the parents to prioritize their child’s rights and freedoms, and that they pledged to look after their kid well.

Court Warrant Sought Over 8 Year-Old Telepath in Thailand

8-Year-Old Nong Nice

She explained that the parents requested assistance after ministry officials visited their home in Surat Thani province to check the family’s mental health. The parents made waves when they claimed the youngster had telepathic abilities that allowed him to connect people’s thoughts.

Mrs. Apinya stated that the parents and the eight-year-old kid appeared normal at Tuesday’s meeting, and that the discussion took place in a comfortable environment.

Before the meeting, the parents told the Bangkok Post that they will give an interview later to refute claims of running a cult. However, the family departed the ministry immediately following the meeting, and only Mrs Apinya was available to reporters.

Mr Varawut stated separately that the ministry’s actions were based on the child’s advantages.

Earlier this month, a group of prominent critics filed a complaint against Nong Nice and others who oversaw the boy’s “mind connection” office and website. The group claimed they were spreading misleading information to the public and might face charges under the Computer Crime Act, Donation Solicitation Act, and Child Welfare Protection Act.

Nong Nice apparently ran meditation workshops and forums for devotees, and he claimed to be able to speak telepathically with Russian President Putin.

Rāhula the Son of Lord Buddha

Rahula the Son of Lord Buddha

The Son of Lord Buddha

Rahula, Lord Buddha’s son, has a unique place in Buddhist history. He was born before Siddhartha Gautama abandoned his royal life to pursue enlightenment. Rahula was only seven years old when Siddhartha attained Buddhahood.

Despite his father’s departure and transformation into the enlightened one, Rahula’s journey is strongly related to the Buddha’s teachings.

Rahula entered the monastic community when she was very young, becoming one of its youngest members. His induction was not just a personal milestone, but it also demonstrated the Buddha’s inclusive teaching style.

As Rahula grew, he learnt directly from the Buddha, receiving insight that would define his spiritual journey. He is well-known for his steadfast dedication and quest of truth, which reflect his father’s significant influence.

His narrative reminds us that the journey to enlightenment can begin at any age, and that even the most intimate familial connections can evolve into spiritual mentorships.

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