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Amazing Hollywood Films

The world of Hollywood has created a load of movies that set the standard for any film company or studio.

These amazing titles can be dubbed classics or iconic films because they’re just so well made that they will be a must-watch for years to come.

The list includes lots of movies, but you can start it with these titles:


The world of boxing has many rags-to-riches stories and one such story was the inspiration for Rocky. This is a boxer that’s not the best of the best and he fights whenever he gets a chance.

He also does odd jobs here and there to make a living, but everything changes when he’s given a shot at Apollo Creed, the current champion.

Boxing remains one of the most popular sports today. There are millions of fans following boxing matches across the globe on a variety of platforms.

Some of these platforms cater to sports bettors, like these gambling sites, but all of them cover a variety of sports like football, baseball, MMA, e-sports, and more. The main thing about them is to enjoy them responsibly.

With this kind of chance, Rocky starts training hard and he enters the ring and takes on the champion.

He goes from being a nobody to becoming a boxing legend. Stallone became a legend in his right by portraying such a character. He was catapulted to fame after Rocky came out.

The Godfather II

The first Godfather title introduced you to Vito and his son Michael. In the second one, you’ll get to see how Michael slowly loses his soul as he’s looking to stay on top.

He’s slowly closing a deal with Hyman Roth and all seems good until the wedding when someone attempts to kill him.

The other story that runs parallel to this one is the story of young Vito Corleone and how he becomes a legend in the underworld and forms his own family.

Michael finds out who almost killed him and how he made it happen, but he’s forced to make some tough decisions at the end and show the other families why his family is the best one.

At the same time, he suffers privately as his wife decides on a divorce.

In many ways, the second title in the Godfather franchise is the perfect sequel as it takes the story and makes it much better.

Kingdom of Heaven

Another Hollywood flick worth watching is the Kingdom of Heaven.

This one takes you back to the times of the Crusades and it introduces you to Bailian, a humble blacksmith that’s stricken with grief after his wife kills herself.

He’s offered a second chance when he takes the road to Jerusalem and takes the mantle of Lord of Ibelin.

He advises king Baldwin IV on certain matters and makes a name for himself in court.

But things start taking a turn when the Templars start provoking the Saracens and Saladin is forced to attack the city. It’s an amazing film that you should give a try.

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