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5 Year-Old School Girl Killed After School Van Crashes and Overturns

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5 Year-Old School Girl Killed After School Van Crashes and Overturns
A five-year-old girl, who was in the backseat, was killed: Police Image

On Friday morning, a 5-year-old school girl was killed and 15 other children were injured when a van transporting them crashed and overturned Northern Thailand’s Lampang province. Police reported the accident occurred about 6.50 a.m.

Police and rescue workers who arrived on the scene found a Toyota van with Lampang license plates toppled on the roadside.The children were found crying inside the school bus. Rescue crews extracted the injured from the van and discovered a five-year-old child dead in the back.

The driver, only named as Ms Saengchan, told police that he was transporting 25 children from Grade 1 to Grade 12 from rural to schools in downtown Lampang. She said she lost control of the van on a curve causing it to crash and roll over.

Police assumed the van skidded because the road was slick after heavy rain.

Pickup crashes into School Bus

Earlier this week a speeding pickup truck has collided with a school bus carrying 19 students in eastern Thailand’s Sa Kaeo province, several of whom are in critical condition. Witnesses said the pickup was traveling at high speeds in the opposite direction when it crashed with the school bus.

The force of the impact pushed the school bus off the road and into the surrounding forest. Several students were thrown off the vehicle.

First responders arrived on the scene promptly and transported the injured students to the hospital.

Police searched the pickup truck and discovered three bags containing 30,000 methamphetamine pills. They have detained the driver for interrogation.

Road Safety a Problem in Thailand

Thailand has a serious problem with road accidents, which kill and injure many people each year. The country has one of the world’s highest rates of road traffic fatalities. The primary causes contributing to these incidents include reckless driving, drunk driving, and a lack of basic road safety measures.

Speeding and aggressive driving practices are common on Thai roads. Many drivers disregard traffic restrictions, engaging in risky tactics such as overtaking in no-passing zones. Alcohol drinking and driving are also serious issues, particularly during festivals and vacations.

Inadequate road infrastructure, such as poorly delineated lanes, a lack of barriers, and inadequate illumination, heightens the risks. Motorists frequently overlook or ignore pedestrian facilities such as sidewalks and crosswalks.

Motorcycle accidents are especially common due to the large number of bikes on the road and riders’ failure to use basic safety gear. Head-on incidents between cars and motorbikes sometimes result in serious injury or death to the latter.

Authorities have carried out efforts to promote road safety, enforce traffic regulations, and improve road conditions. However, changing drivers’ deeply ingrained attitudes and practices remains a big obstacle in reducing Thailand’s dangerously high rate of road accidents.

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