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Police Raids On Rave Party In Bengaluru: Many Telugu Actors Arrested



(CTN News) – The Central Crime Branch (CCB) in Bengaluru launched a massive operation to end a rave party at a GM Farmhouse in the Singena Agrahara neighborhood, close to Electronics City.

PTI in CCB cited sources stating that the raid happened early Sunday morning after a tip-off. Tech experts and Telugu actors attended the event, which went on late into the morning.

Bengaluru CCB Raids Rave Party at GM Farmhouse Near Electronics City

Authorities allegedly found a stockpile of drugs during the operation, including 17 MDMA tablets (also known as Ecstacy pills) and cocaine. It was stated that around 100 people from Bengaluru and Andhra Pradesh attended the event, with over 25 of them being young ladies.

DJs, models, actors, and tech workers were among the attendees.

It was discovered that the coordinator had made arrangements for the more than 25 persons who needed to travel from Andhra Pradesh to Bengaluru to attend the event.

The event, allegedly a birthday celebration planned by a Hyderabadi man named Vasu, started at 5:00 p.m. on May 18 and ended at 6:00 a.m. on May 19. Among the more than fifteen opulent cars parked at the venue was a pass connected to an Andhra Pradesh MLA.

According to sources, the party is expected to cost approximately Rs 50 lakh daily. The Electronic City Police Station has received a case.

Meanwhile, a 29-year-old Congolese national has been taken into custody by the Kerala Police in connection with an international drug trafficking network, thanks to the help of his Karnataka counterparts.

According to police authorities on Sunday, Rengara Paul was apprehended in Madiwala, Bengaluru, by a group led by Bengaluru Mico Layout police and Ernakulam Rural Police Chief Vaibhav Saxena.

Paul’s arrest comes after Vipin was taken into custody after 200 grams of MDMA were found in Angamaly last month. Paul, who had been living in Bengaluru on a student visa since 2014, was apprehended due to the investigation into Vipin’s behavior.

Paul, who goes by the nickname “Captain” among heroin dealers, is thought to be one of Kerala’s main narcotics suppliers. He allegedly manufactured a synthetic narcotic known as “cook” and made millions of rupees from selling drugs.

Paul’s gang operated in a very covert manner, doing transactions online and leaving drugs at pre-arranged locations unattended for clients to pick up.

The statement claims that in the last six months, the Ernakulam Rural Police have recorded 750 drug-related offenses.


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