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Freshdox Offers 200 Types of Legal Templates of Legal Forms



Freshdox legal forms
Freshdox Legal Forms

Legal forms refer to documents drafted in advance and bearing the characteristics of the structure that should be employed when completing the relevant legal contract or undertaking a particular legal procedure. They can provide a beneficial check and balance in legal writing, guaranteeing the documentation is legal, accurate, and complete.

Here we will explore how Freshdox offers some common types of legal templates of legal forms and a detailed discussion of each one:

Contracts and Agreement Legal Forms

Of all the legal documents, contracts and agreements cannot be described as being used infrequently. These are the legal records of certain business understandings between two or more people.

Some of the most frequent examples include employment, service, sales, subscription, and licence and distribution agreements. Employees gain the specifics of their relationship with the employer and vice versa; the obligations, expectations, and provisions around the termination of the contract are covered in legal agreements.

Leases and Rental Agreements

Leases and rental agreements are legal documents utilised in real estate contracts. They define the stipulations concerning using residential and commercial property for leasing or renting purposes.

Examples of such tenancy agreements include rental agreements that detail the tenants’ obligations, the duration of the tenancy, the amount of rent to be paid, security deposit, and repairs, among other terms and conditions concerning the use of the property. Business use tenancies are also more detailed and may entail specifications about alterations to the premises, assignment and subletting, and use of facilities held in common.

These templates assist landlords and tenants in creating a definite working understanding of all parties’ legal rights and obligations, thereby preventing prospective litigations.

Corporate Governance Documents

Legal measures are essential in properly running corporations; governance documents are paramount. This involves company formation documents such as the articles of incorporation, company bylaws, and templates for written and recorded meetings.

Articles of incorporation refer to documents that legally put into existence a corporation and provide a general framework on how the business will be run and what it intends to do.

The company’s bylaws or standing orders relate to rules governing the conduct of the business and the company’s affairs, for instance, how the election of directors and officers is conducted, how meetings are conducted, and the rights of shareholders.

Loan Agreement and note of Promissory

These documents show under what terms and conditions money is advanced/borrowed and on what terms and conditions it will be repaid. The matters related to the loan include key terms and conditions, such as the amount lent, annual percentage rate of interest, duration, instalments to be paid, and the consequences of failure to pay them.

Promissory notes are comparatively humble legal facilities that admit liability and the promise of repayment within a specific time limit. These templates are important to ensure all the contractual parties know their responsibilities or the remedies the law offers for breaching the contract. They are widely applied in personal credit, financing loans, and real estate and property.

Final Thoughts

Contracts are useful in many individual, corporate, and organisational dealings. They create a guideline for coast enforcement of provisions for implementing agreements, safeguarding rights, and meeting legal requirements. These templates empower people and organisations to spearhead uniformity, productivity, accurate legal documentation, and legal misunderstandings and claims minimization.


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