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Exploring Cloud Imagery and Cultural Expression: An Interview with Huaqi Liu



Exploring Cloud Imagery and Cultural Expression: An Interview with Huaqi Liu

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Huaqi Liu, a talented artist whose journey into the world of painting began at the age of 16. Over the years, Liu has explored various artistic styles, beginning with traditional Chinese painting. As he delved deeper into his craft, his journey led him to evolve his artistic expression, and Liu’s passion for painting endured and flourished. This evolution has been marked by a natural progression, driven by his inner creative spark and ongoing exploration of different artistic mediums and techniques.

Q: Could you discuss some of the awards and recognition you’ve received in recent years, such as the Mayoral Certificate of Recognition from the City of Baltimore in 2022?

Huaqi Liu: The Mayoral Certificate of Recognition was my project where I taught children to draw and handled technical aspects like video tech. We connected children from Baltimore and Korea through artwork exchanges, culminating in an exhibition of the children’s art.

Q: In 2023, you gave a lecture titled “Clouds and Chinese Destiny” at the GFA department of the Maryland Institute College of Art. What was the focus of this lecture?

Huaqi Liu: I was invited by a friend who teaches at MICA. I shared my experiences from struggling to integrate into the American environment during my undergraduate studies to eventually applying for exhibitions. During the interactive session, students were interested in my projects, which led to discussions about my artwork. I shared the story about why I chose clouds as my subject, and what’s the meaning in Chinese traditional aesthetic.

Q: What style or genre of painting are you currently studying or practicing, and how would you define your own style?

Huaqi Liu: I don’t confine myself to a particular genre. Six years ago, I might have called myself an abstract artist, but now I feel it’s unnecessary to frame myself in that way.

Q: Who are some of your favorite and least favorite artists, and why?

Huaqi Liu: My top favorite artist is René Magritte because of his journey from wealth to poverty and his determination to pursue art with just a pen. I admire his innovation, especially his use of light strokes. Monet’s use of color and brushstrokes also influences my work, capturing the atmosphere and romanticism that I seek. I’m not fond of art that depicts violence or explicit sexuality as I find these themes aesthetically tiresome. I prefer art that allows for interpretation and symbolism, fostering a connection between the artist and the viewer.

Q: You have numerous publications, such as the academic paper “Cloud-infused artistry: unraveling the enigmatic bond between destiny and oil painting” in 2024. Could you share the significance of these awards and publications, along with the stories behind them?

Huaqi Liu: “Cloud-infused artistry” is an academic paper I wrote at the end of 2023, published in the CPCI journal. It provides a detailed explanation of my artwork, including my techniques using clouds and colors, and explores contemporary artists’ interest in clouds. For instance, there’s a contemporary artist who visualizes weather patterns with computer-generated lines, reflecting my own interest in clouds and their connection to human fate.

Q: How do you understand the role of this art form in society, and what value does it bring to you in terms of joy or fulfillment?

Huaqi Liu: Painting is a form of emotional output for me. It’s a sanctuary in the chaos of life, allowing me to express myself authentically. Though it can be stressful, I find solace in the process. Through my art, I aim to showcase my cultural contributions as an immigrant in America and my appreciation for multiculturalism. I hope when people see my work, they can resonate with me, that’s my goal.

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