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Police Officer Shoots Patient in Hospital for Disturbing His Father



Police Officer Shoots Patient
Pol Sgt Veeraphong Buayen Surrenders: Post Image

A police officer has surrendered to authorities in connection with the fatal shooting of a patient at Khon Kaen, Muang district’s public hospital.

The police officer reportedly admitted to shooting the 29-year-old Myanmar man because he was furious that the man was disturbing his father, who was receiving treatment in the next bed.

Pol Sgt Veeraphong Buayen, 34, of the Phra Yuen station in Khon Kaen, surrendered at the Khon Kaen provincial police headquarters at 9.30 a.m.On Saturday.

Pol Maj Gen Anuwat Suwannaphum, head of the Khon Kaen police, stated on Saturday afternoon that the suspect appeared agitated and disoriented but admitted to shooting the victim.

“The suspect confessed to have shot the Myanmar worker whom he had not known before,” he stated. “He had just met the victim for the first time and thought the man was agitated, which he disliked. This prompted him to fire a shot in the head. He said he didn’t know why he did it.

Police officer called investigators

The police officer previously called police investigators and apparently acknowledged to shooting Kyaw Swar Aong, 29, in the hospital on Thursday night. The gunshot was reported to local police at around 1 a.m. on Friday.

Inside a fifth-floor ward, police and forensic experts discovered the man with a gunshot wound to the occipital bone of his skull. He was sent to the emergency ward for treatment, but he died soon after.

A preliminary examination revealed that Pol Sgt Veeraphong had previously worked at the Waeruwan police station before shifting three years ago to the station in his birthplace, Phra Yuen district. The victim worked in a fishing net factory near the Waeruwan station.

According to a person familiar with the probe, Pol Sgt Veeraphong was depressed and had coronary artery disease. The insider also stated that he had a history of drug use.

To relieve the officer’s stress, his immediate superior shifted him from investigations to a duty officer post at the station.

On Saturday, Pol Maj Gen Anuwat and other senior officers interrogated police officer Veeraphong after his father took him to the police station to surrender. There were no reporters allowed inside during the interrogation.

According to the Khon Kaen chief, family informed authorities that police officer Veeraphong was visiting his father, who was undergoing medical treatment at Khon Kaen Hospital, and was on the bed next to the victim in Building 5. The latter was awaiting transportation to Building 6 for surgery.

Shot him once in the head

The suspect’s relatives suspected he heard his father complain about the Myanmar patient upsetting him and keeping him awake. According to Pol Maj Gen Anuwat, the suspect then moved to Building 6, where he discovered Kyaw Swar Aong and shot him once, killing him in his bed.

The defendant faces charges of premeditated murder as well as illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition.

The victim’s Thai girlfriend, Manee, stated on Saturday that she never imagined a law enforcement officer would do such a crime.

When asked about the accusation that the victim had disturbed the suspect’s father, she revealed that her boyfriend enjoyed playing games on his phone till late, which may have disturbed others. However, the suspect should not have resorted to such violent behavior, she stated.

Gun violence in Thailand has become a major issue, particularly in recent years. The country has seen an increase in violent occurrences involving firearms, hurting both urban and rural communities. Many of these instances include organized crime, drug trafficking, and personal issues.

Thailand’s gun laws are quite rigorous on paper, but implementation has been patchy, allowing illegal firearms to flow freely. The ease of obtaining firearms, combined with social and economic difficulties, has resulted in an increase in gun-related crimes. Outgunned police forces make it difficult to maintain order and defend citizens.

The public uproar is mounting, and many people are urging that the government take tougher measures to stop the violence. Schools, corporations, and communities are implementing more security measures, but a holistic answer is still needed.

To address the underlying causes of this violence, the Thai government must prioritize improved law enforcement and community programming. Without significant improvements, the situation is likely to deteriorate, putting more lives in danger.

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