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Thailand Elite Visa: The Easiest Long-Term Visa in Thailand

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Thailand Elite Visa: The Easiest Long-Term Visa in Thailand

Thailand Elite Visa: With its diverse culinary scene, bustling city life, and reasonable cost of living, Thailand is often pictured as an expat’s dream destination to settle down. However, many travelers are not able to meet the stringent requirements set by most long-term visa options in Thailand and require an easier, more streamlined path to an extended stay in the Land of Smiles.

Enter Thailand Privilege, a prestigious visa program that grants foreign nationals the Thailand Elite Visa, enabling them to live in Thailand for an extended period while enjoying an exclusive and unmatched list of benefits.

For a one-time, up-front membership fee, the Thailand Elite Visa offers multiple entry privileges and a range of program options, accommodating stays of up to 15 years and beyond without the need for re-entry permits. This visa was designed with various demographics in mind, and is a great option for:

  • Business professionals
  • Digital nomads
  • Retirees
  • Investors
  • High-income global citizens
  • Families relocating to Thailand

The combination of extensive benefits and a convenient, flexible long-term visa has made this visa one of the most popular in Thailand.

Benefits of the Thailand Privilege Program

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In addition to the Thai Elite Visa, the Thailand Privilege Program offers a range of perks that can be customized based on the member’s preferences and how they’d like to spend their time in Thailand. There are four membership tiers to choose from, allowing members to further tailor their level of benefits. The standard benefits included in every membership package are:

  • Visa validity for up to 20 years based on membership tier
  • Exclusive fast-tracked immigration procedures at airports upon arrival and departure
  • Discounts at hotels, spas, restaurants, department stores, hospitals, and golf courses
  • Dedicated assistance with immigration services, eg. 90-day reporting services
  • Thailand Privilege points for redeeming perks and benefits

Benefits Breakdown

The benefits of the Thailand Privilege program are too numerous to list in their entirety here, but there are several notable perks that all levels of membership enjoy. These include:

  • VIP greeting and escort services upon arrival and departure at international airports in Thailand
  • Expedited processing through immigration and passport control
  • Discounts at leading fine dining establishments and retail shopping outlets
  • Yearly birthday gift
  • Member contact center to provide 24/7 English-language assistance with any Thailand Privilege issue (Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin services are available from 6:00 to 21:00 ICT Time)
  • And many more

These benefits are “always on” and can be redeemed an unlimited number of times if terms and conditions are met. However, the biggest benefits come from the Privilege Points system.

Thailand Privilege Points

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Instead of locking members into a set selection of perks, Thailand Privilege enables members to choose which major benefits they receive by granting them a yearly allotment of points. These points can be spent on a wide spectrum of perks. Again, there are too many to list all of them, but here are some notable ones in each of the five benefit categories:

  • “Stay”
    • Complimentary hotel stays
    • Assistance with 90-day reporting and other immigration tasks
  • “Travel”
    • Free domestic flights
    • Free car rentals
    • Access to airport lounges
  • “Leisure”
    • Free rounds of golf at leading courses
    • Zipline outings, elephant experiences, cooking classes, and other fun activities
    • Access to co-working spaces
  • “Health”
    • Spa and massage packages
    • Health checkups
    • Wellness treatments
  • Wealth
    • Wealth advisory sessions
    • Legal consultations

Each member receives an amount of points depending on their Thailand Privilege membership tier and can redeem a perk from the list by paying the associated cost as many times as they want, provided terms and conditions are met. Note that points do not roll over, and are lost if not spent within the allotted time period.

The Thailand Privilege Membership Tiers

Applicants to the Thailand Privilege program have four membership levels to choose from when applying. Each tier has its own distinct price, but all of them grant the Thai Elite Visa and provide access to more or less the same list of benefits. What sets them apart most is the duration of the visas provided and the amount of benefits the member gets.

Gold Membership

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At 900,000 THB (Thai Baht), Thailand Privilege Gold Membership is the most affordable way to gain access to a single 5-year Thai Elite Visa. This is perfect for digital nomads looking to spend a significant portion of their time in Thailand, but this isn’t the only demographic it appeals to. Various other groups are drawn to its benefits, including:

  • Individuals with moderate financial means who wish to travel carefree to Thailand whenever they want with perks and privileges waiting for them when they arrive.
  • Retirees who desire a comfortable lifestyle in Thailand without having to navigate through immigration complexities.
  • Investors who have made significant investments in Thailand and are seeking long-term residency privileges to tend to their assets.

Gold members get 20 privilege points annually to spend on perks. Additionally, Gold is the only tier that does not allow applicants to include family members on their memberships.

Platinum Membership

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For 1.5 million THB, Thailand Privilege Platinum members get a Thai Elite Visa with an initial validity of 5 years, which is extendable for another 5 years. This option is perfect for families seeking a smooth and comfortable transition to Thailand for a longer-term stay, as Platinum is the most affordable tier that enables applicants to get visas for their dependents as well. Additional family members cost only 1 million THB per person.

Platinum members get 35 privilege points per year, but note that families will have to share this pool of points. When additional members are added onto a Thailand Privilege membership, they do not get their own allotment of points, only the core member does.

Diamond Membership

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For 2.5 million THB, Thailand Privilege Diamond members get a Thai Elite Visa also with an initial validity of 5 years, but is extendable for another 5 years twice, offering a total of 15 years. This option is catered for higher income individuals, particularly business people, high-earning entrepreneurs, and affluent families who plan on spending a lot of time in Thailand and want to enjoy the most convenient and luxurious life possible. As with Platinum, Diamond members can add family members to their membership for 1.5 million THB.

Members receive a substantial increase in privilege points, totaling 55 points per year, allowing greater access to exclusive services and a larger pool for a family to share.

Reserve Membership

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Thailand Privilege Reserve membership is available only by direct invitation from the Thai government, making it truly exclusive as only 100 invitations are sent out each year. It provides a 5-year Thai Elite visa that is renewable 4 times for free for a total stay of 20 years; however, Reserve members can opt to continue renewing the visa indefinitely. There is no way to guarantee an invitation to the Reserve tier, but applicants can join a different tier of membership and upgrade to Reserve when they receive one.

Reserve tier members receive a substantial allocation of 120 privilege points each year, significantly surpassing those offered by other tiers. Furthermore, the membership offers the distinctive feature of allowing membership transfer, and allows family members to be added to the membership for 2 million THB each.

Thailand Privilege Visa Application Process

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Applicants for Thailand Privilege should first consult with a General Sales and Services Agent (GSSA). This is a government-certified organization authorized to provide free assistance with Thailand Privilege program applications.

These GSSAs are highly knowledgeable on the program, and provide valuable consulting as well as application review services, which minimize the chances of the application being delayed or outright rejected. One of their most useful services is the gathering and preparation of all the documents required by a Thailand Privilege application.

These documents include:

  • A completed Thailand Privilege Membership Application form corresponding to the desired membership type
  • Membership application forms for additional family members (if applicable)
  • A Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) form
  • A Membership Application Payment Form
  • A recent color photocopy of the passport
  • A recent color passport-size photo against a white background
  • Supplementary documents as needed, such as for adding family members or if the applicant is a previous or current holder of an ED Visa

Once an applicant has gathered all of these documents, the GSSA will review the application to ensure the completion and accuracy of it. The applicant is then required to pay a 50,000 THB application fee, which will be deducted from the total membership fee upon successful completion of the next phase.

Upon submission of the application, Thai immigration authorities will conduct a background check, which typically takes 4 to 8 weeks, with the duration varying based on the nationality and circumstances of the applicant.

After the background check is successfully cleared, applicants will receive an approval letter along with an invoice. This invoice is for the membership fee payable to Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd., minus the application fee that was already paid. Payment can be made officially only through bank transfer or credit card. However, other payment methods, such as cryptocurrency or Alipay, can be facilitated by a GSSA.

Once payment is completed and proof of payment is provided, membership activation will take place within 7-12 business days. Following activation, applicants will receive a welcome letter and membership ID. Access to the included services becomes available upon activation of membership.

Finally, as a Thailand Privilege member with a valid member ID, members can schedule an appointment to affix their Thai Elite Visa to their passport through the member contact center.

There are three available options for this:

  1. At the Thai Embassy or Consulate in the member’s home country.
  2. Upon arrival at the immigration station in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, Phuket International Airport, or Chiang Mai International Airport.
  3. At the Bangkok Immigration Office (Chaeng Wattana).

Finding the Best Thailand Elite Visa Agent

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Prospective applicants looking for the most knowledgeable, skilled, and reliable GSSA should contact Siam Legal. We are a full-service law firm as well as one of the largest and most successful GSSAs in Thailand, as recognized by the Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. We have over 20 years of experience helping clients from across the globe find the right Thai visa solutions for their needs, and our expert Thailand Privilege team ensures a swift and smooth application process with minimal chance of delay or rejection.

Not only do we provide these services free of charge thanks to government subsidies, but Siam Legal also offers a referral program that enables members to earn a commission for helping their friends and family acquire their Thai Elite Visas. All this makes a Thailand Privilege membership from Siam Legal the most convenient, effective, and rewarding way to secure an easy long-term stay in Thailand.

Call our Thailand Elite Visa Agent Now! Mobile: +66 80-005-9642

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