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The 10 Best Things to Do in Taif Saudi Arabia



Things to Do in Taif Saudi Arabia
Al Faisaliah Garden

Taif is the famous ‘City of Roses’ in Saudi Arabia. Surrounded by scenic views of mountains, and rose fields; it’s a must visit with your Umrah Package after the performance of holy rituals in Makkah. The fragrant rose flowers that grow here in mountains and valleys are world famous.

The city of Taif also shares a history with the beginning era of Islam. That’s why pilgrims arriving with 4 star 12 nights Chicago Umrah packages often opt for the exploration of this city after completing the holy rituals.

When you are visiting Taif, here are the 10 best things to do in the city.

Rose fields.

Taif is one of the largest producers of rose flowers in the world. Annually, more than 900 rose farmers grow around 300 million famous 30-petaled Damask roses here. These roses fill up the atmosphere of Taif with their sweet and captivating scent. These flowers are then either exported as it is or used to manufacture the rose oil (‘Attar’ in the local language) that serves various poses. In fact, Taif-produced rose oil is among the most expensive perfume oils in the world.

You can take a guided tour of these rose fields on your day trip to Taif and go to the local markets to purchase these purchase aromatic oils, water, perfumes, and rose-scented soaps at a much cheaper rate!

The best time to visit Taif rose field is during the spring season i.e. from Late February to early March. During this time, roses are in their full bloom season, portraying a sight worth seeing.

Saiysad National Park.

Located 13 km away from Taif city, Saiysad National Park is an ideal destination to go for a picnic with your family, especially when children are also accompanying you. Though this park has many gates, only one is open for the tourists. You can spend the day here with your family, go for little hikes and relax in its calming atmosphere. When travelling with friends, don’t forget to do camping at Saiysad National Park.

Al Shafa Mountain.

  • Present at a distance of 35 kilometres southwest of Taif city, Al Shafa mountain is the highest peak in the region that you can reach via a paved road.
  • Mount Dhaka Park present on the top of the mountain offers tourists a stunning view of the local mountain range that spans over an area of ten thousand square metres.
  • Spa treatments are also available to help you relax and unwind if you are planning to stay a bit longer here.
  • This place is the perfect spot for family picnic and barbeque that you can reach easily within 40 minutes.

Taif Central Market.

Taif Central Market brings you the best shopping options for silver and gold jewellery. However, you can also find a variety of other local products here. Such as;

  1. Arabic Perfumes.
  2. Rose water and oil.
  3. Islamic clothing.
  4. Jewellery.

During your trip to the central market you will also come across the suppliers of roasted milk, wood, knives, and herbs here.

Al Faisaliah Garden.

Possessing a number of water fountains, slides and swings for children as well as seating areas for adults; Al Faisaliah Garden remains one of the best tourist spots near Taif. Not only the garden has exceptional landscaping and maintenance but also is popular for the tasty barbecue it has to offer

  • You can witness the dancing fountain here as well to entertain kids and adults alike.
  • You can visit Al Faisaliah Garden throughout the week at different times excluding Tuesdays.

Al-Wahba Crater.

250 km from Taif city, you can plan a day trip to the Al-Wahba Crater. It is a volcanic crater in the Hejazi region of Saudi Arabia, just on the edge of the Harrat Kishb basalt plateau. With a depth of 250 m and a 2 km diameter, you will see that the bottom of the crater contains white sodium phosphate crystals. Thus, making it one of the top tourist destinations nearby Taif. You can easily reach Al Wahba crater by road.

Shubra Palace.

Just a distance of 3.1 km from the city centre, you can visit Shubra Palace. Built during 1905 on the order of Sheriff Ali Pasha, Shubra Palace is a beautiful residence with Carrara marble interior, lattice windows and balconies.

  • King Abdul-Aziz also used to live here before it became the residence of King Faisal.
  • Shubra Palace is open to the public 24/7 with a free entry. Therefore, it’s a must visit on your trip to Taif.

Al Hada Mountain.

Al Hada mountain is home to a number of adventures that you can do. With its playful baboons, pink fields, and pristine open spaces, the winding paths perfectly depict the ancient camel trails like in a desert of KSA. The longest cable car in Saudi Arabia is at the Al hada mountain that is connected from the top of the mountain to the valley below.

Green Mountain Resort.

When in Taif, stay at the Green Mountain Resort.

  • This resort also has a theme park and is present on Al hada Street in Taif.
  • Green Mountain resort is a popular attraction among families because of the quite exciting and fun activities it has to offer for children aged 5 to 15 years.
  • The Roller Coaster and 7D / 9D movie zones also add to the immersive entertainment that kids can enjoy here.

The Taif Souq.

If you want to buy traditional Taif Souvenirs, The Taif Souq is the only place that you should consider. As one of the largest and oldest traditional markets in Taif, it also serves as a historical centre. The visitors can stroll through the streets of this souk and shop for things like;

  • Handicrafts.
  • Locally sourced honey.
  • Premium rose water prepared from Taif’s famous rose field.
  • Refreshing mint tea.

Taif’s weather.

Taif has moderate weather where summers do not exceed 35 degrees Celsius and winters don’t go below 10 degrees Celsius. However, the desert climate of Taif speaks for its zero precipitation throughout the year. You can also spot occasional snowfall in Taif. Therefore, we can say that you can visit Taif anytime of the year because neither the summers here are too hot nor winters are too cold.

Things to know when visiting Taif Saudi Arabia.

  • When visiting Taif, carry your travel documents along that include your passport, visa permissions, travel itinerary, hotel information and return flight ticket. This is to make sure that you don’t get in any trouble upon inquiry by the officials.
  • Carry a sufficient amount of cash with you i.e. Saudi Riyals. This is because when you are shopping in the local markets of Taif, every shop might not accept credit/ debit cards.
  • Wear clothes that are weather appropriate, comfortable and airy to offer you ease during travel.
  • Respect the local customs and traditions when visiting Taif. Be respectful to everyone and don’t make fun of anything that you find strange or don’t understand.
  • Travel in private cars for maximum privacy and comfort. You can either rent a car and drive it yourself or get it with a driver that knows the area well and can save your time and money during the trip.
  • Try the local cuisine, street food and traditional Saudi meals to get the complete essence of your trip to Taif.
  • Know of the nearby health facilities and police stations for your personal security and safety.
  • Buy local SIM cards for better connectivity and internet availability.


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