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Thailand’s Resort Island of Phuket Faces Water Shortage as Heatwave Continues

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Water Shortage Phuket
Phuket suffers from water shortages every year: Getty Images

Businesses on the resort island of Phuket are pleading with the regional government to address the water shortage issue, which is driving up hotel bills as Thailand’s heatwave persists.

Thanet Tantipiriyakit, head of the Phuket Tourist Association, urged the government on Wednesday to find a long-term solution, citing the island province’s annual water shortages. He stated that the water levels in the three main reservoirs—Bang Wad, Klong Kata, and Bang Neow Dum—are 20% below full capacity.

Despite the province’s increased tourism revenue, Mr Thanet claims the administration is still failing to address the water situation. This damages the tourism industry since hotel owners must purchase water. They must bear the cost since they cannot charge customers more owing to pricing constraints.

“Phuket is the country’s top tourism destination. “We should have a better water supply system,” Mr Thanet stated.

According to Sukrid Klinson, manager of the Phuket office of the Provincial Waterworks Authority (PPWA), water quantities at Bang Wad Reservoir remained at 1.17 billion cubic meters (m³), or 16.8% of the total capacity of 10.2 billion m³.

Heatwave water Phuket

Reservoir in Phuket is critically low: Post Image

The water supply in the Klong Kata reservoir is adequate for around 95 days of consumption, while the Bang Neow Dum reservoir can supply water for 100 days at its current capacity.

The province is in talks with private water suppliers to secure 1.4 million m³. Negotiations are underway to acquire 960,000 m³. Businesses in high-demand regions, such as Ao Yon and some portions of Pa Tong, are struggling due to high water demand, according to Mr Sukrid.

According to Sophon Thongsai, chief of the Phuket Provincial Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office, the water level at the Bang Wad Reservoir is now “critically low”.

Unless there is considerable rainfall soon, the Phuket Provincial Waterworks Authority (PPWA) would limit the rate of water discharge from Bang Wad Reservoir and instead use water from private sources as a stop-gap solution, he said.

The Southern Meteorological Center (West Coast) predicts that Phuket will get rain sooner than expected. According to the forecast, downpours will begin in the second week of May, with greater precipitation than in past years.

Mr Sophon stated that the PWA provides free water supply to drought-affected areas and communities in need upon request through local administrative agencies.


Thailand Heatwave: File Image

Heatwave in Thailand

Thailand is experiencing a terrible heatwave, with temperatures rising beyond 40°C (104°F) in many areas of the country. The blazing heat has pushed people to seek refuge indoors, putting a pressure on electrical infrastructure as air conditioning units run continuously. Heat-related illnesses have increased significantly in hospitals, particularly among the elderly and small children.

The government has issued heat warnings, asking residents to stay hydrated and restrict their outside activities during peak sun hours. To keep kids cool during the grueling heat, schools have changed their timetables or shifted sessions online. Farmers are facing crop losses as extreme heat waves dry up fields, jeopardizing food supplies and livelihoods.

While heatwaves are typical in Thailand’s tropical environment, climate experts warn that rising global temperatures caused by climate change may increase the frequency and severity of these intense heat events in the future. Authorities are attempting to raise public awareness, establish cooling centers, and implement steps to reduce the negative effects of extended heatwaves on public health and the economy.

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