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‘Practical Magic 2’: Sandra Bullock And Nicole Kidman In Talks



Practical Magic 2
©Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett Collection

(CTN News) – Someone knocked Practical Magic 2 over the broom. A business is on its way.

The Owens women are getting back together after a twenty-six-year gap. Warner Bros., the studio behind the 1998 hit movie “Practical Magic 2,” has revealed that they are now in the midst of negotiations to bring back Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman for a sequel.

In the first theatrical version of the movie, Bullock and Kidman played the witchy Owens sisters.

They become entangled in a paranormal cover-up that forces them to reanimate Kidman’s body after Bullock accidentally administers drugs and Kidman’s nasty ex-boyfriend, played by Goran Višnjić, dies.

Crystal fans will love this Practical Magic 2 original film,

Which was directed by Griffin Dunne and adapted from Alice Hoffman’s 1995 novel of the same name, has become a beloved and terrifying seasonal favorite. Hoffman was the author of the book.

The next picture, which will be written by Akiva Goldsman, is rumored to involve Katherine Bullock, Nicole Kidman, and Denise Di Novi. In addition, Goldsman will write the movie’s screenplay.

When an announcement was made on TikTok around midnight on Sunday, fans started talking about what would happen to “Practical Magic 2″. It was an allusion to the scene in the first movie where they had “midnight margaritas.”

The notification said that Max users could stream the movie and that it was now accessible on digital platforms. Following the release of this information, people got excited about what the movie would offer. However, the most significant revelation was made on Monday morning.

“Practical Magic 2” was, in fact, still in development stage.

In 2019, HBO Max considered creating a spinoff series called “Rules of Magic.” Hoffman’s prequel novel, which would serve as the basis for the series, would be the basis for this one. The fandom is still continuing strong even after the show vanished into the Hollywood haze at the end.

The women of the Owens family, a group of women gifted with the magical ability to cast spells, are the main subject of the movie. The women of the Owens family are the focus of the movie. Nevertheless, their grandmother has cast a curse upon them.

Maria Owens, pregnant and alone, cast a spell on herself when her boyfriend abandoned her, hoping to ensure she would never again feel the pain of love. She took this action to make sure she would never have to feel the suffering of love again. “As her resentment increased, the spell transformed into a curse because of her bitterness,” said Stockard Channing, a member of the cast of “Practical Magic 2.”

The results of this are inevitable for any guy with the courage to love an Owens lady. The drama features the characters of Bullock and Kidman, two sisters who are resolved to overcome that curse and protect themselves from a lifetime of hurtful gossip from the people in their neighborhood.

From Alan Silvestri’s exquisite score (which was the first gift at Warner Bros. earlier this week online) to the way Dunne physically documented the Owens doing paranormal feats, the original film is full with its own unique type of magic. And there are a ton of real witchy geniuses on the soundtrack, like Stevie Nicks, who rerecorded “Crystal” and “If You Ever Did Believe,” and Joni Mitchell, who did a rendition of “A Case of You.” The album contains both of these tracks.

This old teaser, which portrays “Practical Magic 2” as a strange romantic comedy in the sense that it’s a “we kiss men and they die” kind of movie, is well worth seeing. I appreciate your time. Furthermore, a considerable amount of needle drops in the teaser are absent from the actual movie.


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