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Heatwave in Thailand Causes Railway Tracks to Warp Due to High Heat



Heatwave in Thailand Causes Railway Tracks to Warp
High Heats Caused the tracks have become misaligned: MCOT Image

Thailand’s State Railway of Thailand (SRT) has identified the reason of deformed train rails in Nakhon Si Thammarat as high heat. The issue has prompted temporary halts in train services in order to apply cooling measures and restore the rails, allowing normal operations to continue.

According to photographs and comments circulating on social media, the railroad lines between Ron Pibul Station and Khao Chum Thong Junction were twisted on April 30.

These procedures are essential to mitigate the impacts of the extreme heat and higher-than-usual temperatures, which have produced expansion and stress within the concrete sleepers that hold the rails. As a result, the tracks were misaligned.

Officials from the SRT Engineering Division sprayed water and used ice to relieve the heat, which took around an hour.

The tracks then reverted to their normal state. Concurrently, inspections were carried out over the entire train line, and crusted stone used for track ballast was placed to preserve track stability and safety.

State Railway Thailand

Railway Worker Cools Down Tracks: Image MCOT

However, due to the current hot weather conditions, the steel tracks are susceptible to expansion, according to engineering standards. To remedy this, SRT conducts frequent track inspections with its engineering staff.

Thailand is experiencing an extreme heatwave, with temperatures rising beyond 40°C (104°F) in numerous regions. The sweltering heat is putting a huge strain on the country’s electricity supply, as demand for air conditioning rises. Officials warn of probable blackouts if usage does not decrease.

The harsh conditions have a negative impact on daily living. Schools have had to cancel courses, outdoor workers face health concerns, and hospitals are reporting an increase in heat-related ailments. Many Thais seek refuge in shopping malls and public buildings equipped with powerful air conditioning systems.

Authorities urge citizens to reduce electricity use by raising temperatures and shutting off superfluous lights and appliances. The heatwave is anticipated to last for several weeks, aggravating drought conditions in some locations. Experts link the harsh weather to climate change’s expanding effects.

Source: MCOT

Thailand Heatwave Continues As Temperatures Hit Record Highs

Thailand’s Heatwave Continues As Temperatures Hit Record Highs



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