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Senate to Debate Pheu-Thai Government’s Treatment of Thaksin on March 25

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Senate to Debate Pheu-Thai Government's Treatment of Thaksin on March 25

(CTN News) – The Senate intends to question the Pheu-Thai-led government in a general debate on March 25 about its treatment of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

Senator Kittisak Rattanawaraha stated that the cabinet would be grilled on the parole issued to Thaksin by the Ministry of Justice and how the ministry enabled him to be held in hospital detention until his release on parole.

Threats of Lawsuits from Thaksin’s Associates

According to Mr Kittisak, all senators who have signed up for the debate are eager to challenge the administration about its contentious handling of the Thaksin case, and none are concerned about facing a libel suit.

“If we let something wrong proceed without doing something about it, how can we later teach our children [about what is right and what is wrong],” he said.

He claimed that some of Thaksin’s close cronies have already vowed to sue anyone who raises this issue and harms Thaksin’s reputation.

Former Thai PM Thaksin Shinawatra to Return Thailand After 15 Years in

Mr Kittisak stated that a former MP has already been sued for making public a photo showing Thaksin energetically kicking a sandbag when living abroad, as well as a photo of the former premier in a state in which he claimed to be critically unwell upon returning to Thailand.

36 senators have signed up to speak during the next discussion.

According to Mr Kittisak, the Senate has been allowed 12 hours to discuss, while the government will have three hours to defend itself against Senate claims.

Senator Seree Suwanpanont stated that the Senate sought two days of debate, but the government only offered one.

He warned that due to the time limit, the number of debaters may be reduced if the administration does not agree to extend the debate to two days.

“This will be our last chance to conduct a general debate, and we will try our best,” he told reporters.

Opposition Seeks Similar Debate Post 2024 Budget Bill

According to Mr Seree, the most common topic for debate is the government’s purported failure to address economic challenges.

The senator states that while the country faces numerous challenges, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin appears to be enjoying many overseas travels in recent months.

Visuth Chainaroon, Pheu Thai list MP and government chief whip stated that the government is well prepared for the Senate general debate, which will be followed by a similar general debate requested by the opposition after the 2024 budget bill passes its second and third readings, supposedly on March 20.

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