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Soldiers in Chiang Rai Seize 14Kg of Heroin After Firefight

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Soldiers in Chiang Rai Seize 14Kg of Heroin After Firefight
Soldeirs Recovered Meth and Heroin: CTN News

The Pha Mueang task force clashed with a drug caravan on Doi Mae Salong in Chiang Rai, seizing 200,000 methamphetamine tablets and 14 kilograms of heroin. No soldiers were injured in the firefight.

Col. Kidakorn Chandra, Deputy Commander of the Pha Muang Force, said Rangers patrolled the border area and came across 3-5 suspicious people walking along the terrain through the mountain forest. Each of them carried a backpack. 

The soldiers requested the group to halt, but instead, they opened fire on the soldiers. The clash lasted about 5 minutes before the group retreated into Myanmar.

After the clash, soldiers discovered two sacks, each containing approximately 100,000 tablets, totaling 200,000. They also found two sacks containing approximately 14.40 kilograms of heroin. 

Col. Kidakorn said they would deliver all the seized items to investigators and Mae Fah Luang Police Station.

He said that the interception of this group of drug caravans was a result of soldiers spending up to 3 days on ambush patrol after finding clues that drugs would be transported into Thailand through the Ban Huai Yuak Pa So channel in Mae Salong Nai Subdistrict.

Soldiers in Chiang Rai Seize 14Kg of Heroin After Firefight

14Kg of Heroin: CTN News

Chiang Rai, famed for its difficult terrain and proximity to the Golden Triangle, has long been a drug smuggling hotspot. The region’s isolated position and permeable borders make it a perfect transit point for traffickers transporting drugs such as heroin, methamphetamine, and opium from Myanmar to Thailand and elsewhere.

Criminal networks use Chiang Rai’s deep forests and steep mountain roads to carry drugs across borders using well-known smuggling routes.

Drugs are frequently hidden in trucks, amid genuine commodities, or transported by mules on foot across dangerous terrain. Local corruption and a lack of resources hampered law enforcement efforts to combat these smuggling operations.

The drug trade has exacerbated violence and instability in the region, with different gangs fighting for control of lucrative trafficking routes.

Despite increased security and interdiction operations, the flow of illegal narcotics through Chiang Rai continues, fueled by insatiable worldwide demand and the promise of massive riches for those prepared to take the risk.

Police in Chiang Rai Intercept High Tech Equipment Used by Scam Gang

Police in Chiang Rai Intercept High Tech Equipment Used by Scam Gang


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