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This Week, Epic Games Is Giving Away a Farming Simulation Game

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Epic Games
Epic Games' latest free game is Farming Simulator 22. (Image source: Epic Games)

(CTN News) – In addition to offering Dragon Age: Inquisition – Epic Games of the Year Edition for free as part of their free game of the week promotion, Epic Games Store has also lowered the price of the game until earlier today.

This particular deal has been going on for quite some time. This modification has been in force since the 16th of May and is still in effect as of today.

This discount did not become active until earlier today because it was not yet available. In contrast to what took place a few weeks ago, the business has once again decided to hold a raffle for a single Epic Games.

This is a change from the previous situation. It is important that you take note that the number of free games available for this week will continue to decline until 16:59 on 25 May. It is essential that you keep this information in mind until that time comes.

According to the videos that are provided below, it is possible to download Farming Simulator 22 and retain it for an infinite period of time without having to pay any money to the Epic Games Store. This is something that can be done. Certainly, this is something that is attainable.

However, Epic Games it is crucial to keep in mind that in order to unlock Farming Simulator 22, you are required to have an account with Epic Players. This is something that you must definitely keep in mind. It is important that you pay attention to this particular aspect.

Additionally, the ordinary installation of the game is the only thing that is included in the bargain; the Platinum Edition and any of the Premium Edition options are not included in this deal. Amazon offers the Platinum Edition for $59.50.

Additionally, in order for the game to be played on Windows, it is necessary to initially download it from.

The Epic Games Store.

This is a prerequisite for playing the Epic Games. The present for this week can be obtained if you are located in the United States of America for the price of $29.99. In most cases, it can be purchased by potential buyers. As a point of reference, the personal computer edition of Farming Simulator 22 has received an average rating of 76 out of 100 on the website Metacritic.

This number considers the game’s overall quality. This is the highest rating that the game has ever received on any of the platforms it is available for. It currently has the maximum rating possible. If you would like to view the minimal and recommended requirements for the system, please refer to the table that has been supplied below.

Regarding this matter, it is of the Epic Games utmost importance to highlight that Notebook check is not responsible for any changes that may be made to the prices that are applied by the suppliers.

The article that was being written at the time of publication was available for purchase at the discounted price or bargain that was being described. On the other hand, it is almost certainly the case that there are certain time constraints and/or a restricted number of units available.


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