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Planning for Parenthood: Antenatal and Delivery Plans Guide with Your Obstetrician

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Parenthood – At some point in our lives, we all see our parents and wonder, will there come a day when we will become parents, too? Holding a child that you can call your own is the most profound feeling in the world – one that nobody – even you, cannot comprehend.

But bringing a new life into this world presents some challenges, even if you’re not a first time parent. In this blog, we will look into some time-tested strategies, which will come in handy when the big day comes for you, and your little one.

Do your Research on Parenthood

As with every other important errand in life, thorough research is pivotal to having a smooth pregnancy. Ask friends and family, check authentic online reviews, join social media groups, read medical blogs before finalizing an obstetrics and gynecology expert who will provide you with care throughout your pregnancy.

Dubai gynecology expertise is on par with some of the best in the world – meaning that you’re guaranteed to receive the best care. All you have to decide is the medical center or hospital. This decision should depend on factors such as the healthcare provider’s proximity to your residence, timings and availability of medical personnel, YOUR budget, etc. Choices, choices, choices.

What to do when you find out you’re Expecting

Naturally, the first thing is to share the news with your partner and plan a visit to your choice of gynecologist. If you’re 6 and weeks over, you will be able to hear your little one’s heartbeat through the ultrasound machine. Make sure to record it and/or take a copy of the result with you as a lifelong memory.

Your gynecologist will then lay out a plan for you, which will include everything from scheduled appointments and tests to health supplements and medical history. Basically, they will outline all the dos and don’ts for you during the pregnancy.

Take a Childbirth Class

While this may sound like an outdated concept, if you’re a first-time mommy-to-be, sign up for a childbirth class. It’s a good idea to ask your gynae about the session, as they’ll be able to refer you to one.

During these classes, you’ll see fellow expectant moms, who with you, will be learning everything related to labour, pain relief strategies as well as emotional support. You will also have a chance to bond with soon to be moms. It will do your morale the world of good.

Tests, Scans and More

As your pregnancy progresses, you will be meeting your gynaecologist regularly for a series of exams. Typical tests include CBC (complete blood count), Blood type and Rh factor, Urinalysis, Anomaly scan, and continuous monitoring of the fetus. Several conditions that might raise your and your fetus’s risk of problems can be identified and treated with the aid of these tests.

Devise a Birth Plan

These days, almost every gynecologist will advise you to create a birth plan. But, what is included in it? A birth plan is essentially a summary of your preferences when you are pre- and post-labour.

It includes information such as the delivery method (C section or vaginal delivery), pain management protocols and the person you’d like to be with during your delivery. Keep a copy of the plan to yourself and provide one each to your partner, family and healthcare provider.

Take a Healthy Diet

Besides taking your Vitamin supplements, it’s important that you shun junk food altogether. Try to eat a diet rich in proteins, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. To ensure your baby remains healthy in your tummy, you need at least 300 extra calories a day from healthy sources, of course.

Get Lots of Exercise

Whether you’re pregnant or not, you should work out daily for the sake of your body. Some of the safest exercises during pregnancy include swimming, jogging, pelvic floor exercises to strengthen your core, and Pilates. Squatting and Butterfly stretch are particularly helpful if you wish to have a normal birth.

Additionally, have lots of sex – there’s a consensus among medical specialists that intercourse helps in the contraction of pelvic muscles and opening of the cervix – thereby, increasing your chances of having a vaginal delivery.

Pack your Hospital Bag

When the date is near, it’s time for you to assemble things for your hospital bag. It’s important that you do this well before your delivery date, because remember, less than 5% of the babies are born on their due date.

Keep clothes for yourself and the baby, a copy of your birth plan, a bathrobe, creams and moisturizers, comforters and pillows, your phone charger, flip-flops, and your medical reports.

Here Comes the Big Day

It’s time for your little one to open their eyes and announce their grand entrance into the world! Keep your phone charged to announce the big news to close friends and family. If you know a bit of Photoshop, you can create a cute little digital card, having your baby’s name on it, their time and date of birth, and maybe a photo?


From the day you find out you’re expecting till the day you hold your little angel, childbirth is truly a miraculous journey. By consulting with a leading gynecologist in a reputable Dubai Hospital, the whole nine months will become a lot smoother. Some time later in life, you will look back at this time with a smile on your face.


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