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Data Breach At Dell Allegedly Affects 49 Million Customers

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(CTN News) – Dark Web users may have access to information about your Dell financial dealings, regardless of whether you have ever done business with the company.

It has been reported by Bleeping Computer that Dell is now investigating a data breach that purports to have affected 49 million customer records. This is an issue under investigation by Dell.

It has been acknowledged by Dell that a data breach has taken place, but it has yet to be determined the extent of the breach. As a result of a security breach, Dell has confirmed that it has occurred.

It has been reported that a hacker who operates on the Dark Web claims that the data breach comprises 49 million records, which include information ranging from 2017 to seven years ago, according to reports. It is worth mentioning that the documents contain information that has been collected between 2017 and 2015.

This claim alleges that Dell is informing the general public about the leaking of information that involves orders, hardware, services, and even the names of individuals. The information contained in this document has supposedly been leaked.

If you have ever made any purchases from Dell or contacted customer support with a question regarding a service or warranty, the information that you have provided should be marketable to anyone who is interested in purchasing it.

It is because of the marketability of the information that you have provided that I believe this is the case.

As of this moment, Dell has not acknowledged that any credit card numbers, payment details, phone numbers, or email addresses were compromised in any way. The company has also done nothing so far to address the situation and so far it hasn’t taken any steps to do so.

It’s fine and dandy to do all of that, but as Bleeping Computer explains, it can at times put you in a position where you are potentially at risk for physical attack, which, if you are not careful, can leave you vulnerable.

An example of this would be a letter that someone sent to you stating that their Dell service history is “proof” that the person they claim to be is actually who they say they are.

The other option may be to make a request for confidential financial information or to make an additional effort to obtain personal information in order to follow up on the situation. As you can see, these are both examples of follow-up actions.

For the time being, Dell does not have the opinion that there is a “significant risk,” and if the initial assessment of the breach’s scope is accurate, it is possible that they are correct in their assessment.

On the other hand, if you have recently acquired a computer or other equipment from Dell, you should be on the watch for activities that are suspicious and should be taken into consideration.


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