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One Dead, Hundreds Evacuated After Gas Storage Tank Explodes in Eastern Thailand

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Gas Storage Tank explodes in Rayong Thailand

A massive fire at a chemical storage facility at Map Ta Phut Industrial Port in Rayong, Thailand was brought under control late Thursday afternoon, after one person died and hundreds were evacuated from the region.

The incident began around 10.30 a.m., when a big pyrolysis gasoline (pygas) tank erupted at Map Ta Phut Tank Terminal Co Ltd in the eastern province. The event caused SCG Chemicals Plc (SCGC), Siam Cement Group’s petrochemical unit, to shut down operations at its terminal.

The fire soon spread, sending massive plumes of toxic black smoke into the air until being brought under control at 4.50 p.m., according to the Rayong provincial public relations office. Crews continued to spray coolant on the tanks.

According to officials, two tanks incurred fire damage. Each was 18 metres tall and 30 metres wide, with a capacity of 2,500 cubic metres.

The Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) has declared a Level 2 emergency in the area. Level 2 denotes an uncontrollable emergency scenario that causes harm to people, property, operations, or the environment and necessitates evacuation.

As the fire escalated, IEAT Governor Veeris Ammarapala ordered an emergency evacuation of everyone from the port and the Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate.

Rayong gas explosion

Blaze at Map Ta Phut Tank Terminal: Post Image

Water Sprayed to Cool Tanks

Firefighters stated they had to leave the scene for safety because the fire was becoming unmanageable. Witnesses said they heard a huge explosion at the terminal about 2.20pm and saw chemicals spilling over the ground. By mid-afternoon, three tanks had caught fire.

The IEAT requested assistance from relevant entities in containing the fire, and arrangements were made to pump saltwater to cool neighboring tanks at the facility.

On his X account, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin announced the establishment of a war room to manage the crisis response.

Patrol cars were dispatched to monitor air quality in both upwind and downwind areas. In addition, he stated that officials worked with the SCG to deploy boats to expedite up evacuations.

Residents of the Nong Fab and Takuan-Ao Pradu settlements in Tambon Map Ta Phut were evacuated to the government complex in Rayong.

The Map Ta Phut municipal office recommended impacted residents to seek refuge at Map Ta Phut Pan Pittayakhan School, Ban Map Ta Phut School, and Nam Rin beach, or to relocate to other places deemed safe.

After putting out the fire about 4.50 p.m., firefighters spray coolant on the tanks. (Video from the Eastern Firefighters Club.)

Gas Explosion Rayong

Four people were injured and taken to hospital: Post Image

Four seriously Injured

Firefighters were originally notified of the issue about 10.45 a.m. SCG reported that four individuals were hurt and sent to the hospital. An employee was among those who died as a result of their injuries.

According to SCG, the fire started in a tank carrying a C9+ hydrocarbon complex, a byproduct of the precursor production process for plastic pellets. The chemical functions as a solvent. A massive fire erupted above the tank, spewing heavy plumes of black smoke.

The impacted tank, one of many big tanks, is part of a commercial port and storage terminal at Map Ta Phut Port in Rayong’s Muang District. The location is reserved for the storage of liquid and gaseous petrochemical products.

Pygas, a byproduct of the olefin production process, can be utilized to blend high-octane benzene or extract aromatics.

Pyrolysis gasoline (Pygas) is a liquid fuel produced through the thermal degradation of plastics, rubber, and other hydrocarbon compounds. Unlike normal gasoline from crude oil refining, it is generated by heating long-chain polymers into shorter hydrocarbon molecules.

The end result is a combination of liquid hydrocarbons that can be utilized as fuel for cars or industrial purposes.

The procedure begins by heating the feedstock ingredients in an oxygen-free atmosphere. As the temperature rises over 500°C, the chemical bonds in the polymers begin to break, releasing gas and liquid. The fumes are subsequently cooled and condensed into pyrolysis gasoline.

The fuel’s composition varies depending on the feedstock utilized, although it usually comprises a mixture of paraffins, olefins, and aromatics comparable to standard gasoline.

Pygas provides an alternate method of recycling plastic trash and converting it into a profitable energy source. However, it confronts difficulties in meeting stringent fuel quality criteria and implementing cost-effective production on a big scale.

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