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Watch Hareem Shah’s Latest video Leak Scandal

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Watch Hareem Shah's Latest video Leak Scandal

(CTN News) – Fiza Hussain, aka Hareem Shah, continues to maintain a bad image, and now the social media sensation has been sacked due to yet another video leak.

Hareem Shah was all over X earlier this week as she made top trends on TikTok.

There is speculation that the clips were leaked due to hacking, unauthorized access to personal devices, or intentional sharing by someone who gained access to Shah’s data.

Hareem Shah responded to the latest controversy on social media as her viral clips became the talk of the town.

A digital influencer has not named her rivals as perpetrators of the latest leaks in the video but rather expressed frustration with those who have shared her alleged clips online.

He urged people to shift their focus to a better cause and treat every woman respectfully.

An edited clip online shows Hareem Shah having personal moments with an unidentified man in the United Kingdom.

Hareem Shah 2

Hareem Shah ki Leaked Video >>>>

‘Hareem Shah accuses Sandal Khattak of leaking private clips.’

A social media star who became a sensation as a result of her obscene clips sparked a frenzy online last year and accused Sandal Khattak of leaking her alleged clips. Sandal was then arrested after she made serious allegations against the star.

Despite the allegations, Sandal responded by daring Hareem to file a case against her. Sandal questioned Shah’s lack of action with the apex investigation agency.

A friend of TikToker claimed that those lewd videos were taken by Hareem Shah’s boyfriend and that she is falsely claiming that her husband filmed her in compromising circumstances.


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Controversies Surrounding Hareem Shah

Her previous filmings of cleric Mufti Abdul Qavi caused a huge backlash from the public, and she was no stranger to controversy. Additionally, she has been associated with other notorious showbiz members, further fueling speculation about her personality. Moreover, she even landed in hot water after showing off foreign currency, prompting the FIA to take stern action.

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