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7 Interesting Reasons Why Cupcakes are the Best Party Dessert

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7 Interesting Reasons Why Cupcakes are the Best Party Dessert

Are you planning your next party? Or have you been invited to a dinner party and you’re in charge of bringing the dessert? Finding a dessert that everyone likes, is easy to transport, and doesn’t make a gooey mess when you dish it up can be challenging.

That’s why many partygoers choose the easy way out and opt for the cupcakes delivery service that’s so popular in Australia. There are many reasons why cupcakes should be your favourite dessert option. From tasty flavours to colourful designs, cupcakes are always a hit.

Cupcakes are the Go-To Dessert

Dessert may usually be the last meal of the day, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. In fact, it can be challenging to find something your guests will still enjoy after a full meal and a few drinks. Here are a few reasons why cupcakes are worth adding to the shortlist.

It’s Easy to Bring Multiple Flavours

One of the aspects that make choosing a dessert so challenging is that not all your guests will enjoy the same flavour. Some may prefer the simplicity of chocolate, while others may prefer something more adventurous such as red velvet or cream cheese.

If you want to opt for different flavours with your tarts or cakes, you will have to make or buy more than one. Doing this can be costly and there’s always the risk of leftovers going to waste.

With cupcakes, you can offer multiple flavours without breaking the bank. Setting your cupcakes up according to flavour or frosting colour is a simple way to make your dessert even more appealing. Adding flavour and decorations to your frosting is another way to enhance your dessert choice.

Opt for Cupcakes with Surprise Fillings

Another way to make your dessert even more appealing is to add surprise fillings and frosting flavours. For a kid’s party, consider adding strawberry or bubblegum flavouring to the inside of vanilla or chocolate cupcakes. A friend’s 21st or 30th can be made more fun by adding cocktail blends to the middle of your cupcakes.

Add to the fun by keeping the fillings a surprise. Here you can opt for mini cupcakes instead of larger ones. This will prevent your guests from feeling forced to eat a huge cupcake of a flavour they may not like.

Transportation is Much Simpler

Have you ever tried to drive to your dinner party with a large cake or tart balancing on the back seat? Fortunately, you won’t have that problem with cupcakes. You can easily place your cupcakes close together in a box and they won’t slip around.

If you’re going to opt for the cupcake dessert option more than once, it’s worth investing in a cupcake carrier. Also, if you’re using a cake-baking service, you can arrange to have the cupcakes delivered to the venue.

No Need to Cut Your Cupcakes

Another fun reason to opt for cupcakes is that you don’t have to remember to bring a cake knife or spend the evening dishing up cake. With cupcakes, each person can simply pick one up and place it on their plate or eat it right out of the paper wrapper. Your cupcakes can be placed on a simple tray or even a decorative stand, where guests can easily take them off.

Easier to Manage Portion Control

If you’ve ever been at a party and received a huge slice of cake, you may have been left wondering how you’re going to finish it. Especially if you’re not really a cake person, or you’ve just finished a large meal!

Not eating the whole piece may make the host feel as though you didn’t enjoy the cake, and of course, you don’t want to waste it. With cupcakes portion control is easier to manage. They’re smaller and it’s up to your guests if they want a second one.

Simpler to Accommodate Dietary Requirements

If you’re making a tart, cake or trifle for dessert, you’ll be left with a problem if some of your guests have special dietary requirements. You can make or buy a few gluten-free options to accommodate your guests.

Remember to make a decorative label to distinguish the regular cupcakes from the gluten-free ones. You may have to do the same if you’re opting for liqueur fillings in some of your cupcakes.

Easy to Take Home

If your guests would rather take their dessert home, there’s no stress of trying to put a cake in a piece of foil. Get a few small cupcake boxes that can be decorated to match the party theme for guests to take a cupcake home. Adding a thank you note to the guest is a warm gesture.

Final Thoughts

With the right amount of creativity, your cupcake desserts will be the talk of the party. They’re small enough to not be overwhelming, can have different fillings and are easy to transport. You can customise the frosting to suit any occasion or theme, making them the perfect choice for anything from a kid’s party to a work function!

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