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Producers At Bridgerton Reveal How They Handle Spicy Scenes

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Nicola Coughlan once candidly admitted to breaking a piece of furniture during filming

(CTN News) – When it comes to the production of Bridgerton, there is neither compromise nor compromise in any way. Listen to the individual who is responsible for designing their work.

Alison Gartshore, who has been serving as the production designer for the royal hit that is Bridgerton on Netflix since the year 2020, has divulged the process that is utilized in the construction of some of the personal sequences that are included on the show.

In order to ensure that the depiction of desire on screen is one that will stand the test of time, each and every detail, from the script to the set, is submitted to a careful assessment.

The method is considered to have begun in its entirety as soon as the cast begins reading the scripts.

This information was provided by Gartshore while he was on a tour of the house that the Bridgerton family calls their home.

“Obviously, if you know Bridgerton,

You’ll know that there’s quite a lot of intimate scenes throughout the series,” she explained to me.

“Not to give you any spoilers, but we always have to make sure that where we have those intimacy scenes, the furniture will stand up to the job, shall we say.”

Actors Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan, who play the roles of Colin and Penelope, respectively, are able to empathize with the fact that this commitment to honesty can frequently come at a price. During one of his interviews, Coughlan said in a straightforward manner that he had damaged a piece of furniture while he was out filming.

Coughlan, who is 37 years old, said, “Yeah, h*** yeah we did,” when he was asked to substantiate reports that the furniture was broken during the season 3 premiere event in Canberra, Australia. The event took place in Australia.

The love story between Penelope and Colin, which is based on Julia Quinn’s fourth Bridgerton novel, Romancing Mister Bridgerton, will be revealed in the following season. This season will also feature the unraveling of the love tale. It is possible that fans may be looking forward to the occurrence of this story.

Nevertheless, this is hardly the end of the challenges that we are facing. Another crucial member of the production crew, David Ingram, revealed the challenges that were experienced during the filming of the Bridgerton spin-off, Queen Charlotte:

A Bridgerton Story. Ingram was discussing the obstacles that were encountered.

Despite the fact that period stately mansions were alluring, it was necessary to duplicate intimate bedroom sequences in adjoining studios due to the fact that there were restrictions on the accessibility of the sets. This was the case despite the fact that the sets existed.

“You are not allowed to have the intimate scenes in the beds of many of these stately homes,” the speaker stated to the audience.

Nobody is permitted to touch the beds in any way. Ingram elaborated, “It is not possible to relocate the beds,” and he stated this. At the same time as we were working on the soundstage, we were also erecting sets for the bedroom scenes and the back of the house itself.

On May 16, the first episode of Bridgerton season 3 will be made available to the public, and on June 13, the second episode will be made available to television viewers. The documentary Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is now available to stream on Netflix, in addition to the first and second seasons of the television show Bridgerton.


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