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Since 2005, AT&T Has Invested Over $1.9 Billion In New Jersey 

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(CTN News) – AT&T disclosed that its investment in New Jersey spanned a period of five years, from 2019 to 2023, and exceeded $1.9 billion.

The telecom company has contributed hundreds of computers as donations and supported digital literacy initiatives in an effort to educate and strengthen its communities. Additionally, it has proven that it authentically values the communities in which its employees and clients reside.

In municipalities and localities throughout New Jersey, this investment is having the following effects:

The areas of Trenton-Princeton, Atlantic City-Hammonton, and Vineland-Bridgeton have collectively spent over $25 million, $30 million, and $9.6 million, respectively.

AT&T asserted that it understood the significance of a connection.

Its objective is to ensure that everyone has access to the internet, irrespective of origin or place of habitation. In an effort to contribute to the reduction of the digital divide, AT&T is undertaking measures to enhance network capacity and dependability while also expanding internet accessibility nationwide.

It has allocated resources to enhance network coverage across all tiers, including fiber, 5G, and the AT&T-developed FirstNet.

Unlocking the potential of 5G

More than 99 percent of the American population, including New Jersey residents, are connected to AT&T’s nationwide wireless voice and data network, which encompasses both urban and suburban areas.

Its nationwide availability of midband spectrum extends to over 210 million individuals, while its 5G network penetrates over 295 million people in over 24,500 cities and villages throughout the United States.

The telecom company continues to collaborate with sectors such as healthcare and manufacturing to generate innovative concepts and increase productivity with its 5G technology.

It is increasing its efficacy in high-traffic areas such as airports, stadiums, and venues including Newark Liberty International Airport, Red Bull Arena, and MetLife Stadium. It is expanding its 5G network in municipalities such as Trenton, Asbury Park, Newark, New Brunswick, and Vineland so as to provide residents with dependable connectivity.

AT&T, America’s partner for public safety communication, is developing and expanding FirstNet with the intention of enhancing network accessibility for the public safety community. By declaring a sequence of strategic investments in FirstNet exceeding $8 billion, the FirstNet Authority established the groundwork for ten years of innovation in first responder systems.

AT&T will be able to construct 1,000 new FirstNet sites across the country within the next two years, provide always-on priority and preemption across all AT&T 5G commercial spectrum bands, and introduce a standalone FirstNet 5G core with the most recent network investment of $6.3 billion.

It establishes connections between organizations, public safety agencies, and first responders in more than 340 New Jersey cities, including Princeton, Atlantic City, Camden, Manchester, and Newark, among others.

Band 14 has been implemented in nearly 1,300 locations across New Jersey in order to provide law enforcement with truly dedicated coverage and the capacity to respond as required.

Additionally, AT&T stated that in addition to its network, it is making investments in its communities. Following its most recent declaration of an additional $3 billion to be contributed by 2030, AT&T will have accumulated a monetary commitment of $5 billion to address the digital divide, which it commenced in 2021.

The following are notable occurrences from the previous year in New Jersey:

Low-income Jersey City residents can now participate fully, safely, and responsibly in the digital world of today by attending free digital literacy classes provided by the Jersey City Housing Authority, AT&T, and Digitunity on April 5, 2023.

On August 24, 2023, AT&T volunteers, in collaboration with the Computers 4 People team headquartered in Hoboken, donated more than two hundred laptops to the Jersey City Housing Authority and Dvine Konektion in West New York. In conjunction with the laptops, digital literacy resources were provided to empower the recipients to actively participate in the digital realm.


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