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me88 Malaysia VIP Program – Special for VIP Players

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me88 Malaysia VIP Program - Special for VIP Players

me88 Malaysia: me88 is one of Malaysia’s most popular online casino and sportsbook platforms. The casino continuously offers new promotions to attract new members, satisfy existing members, and make betting options more attractive and exciting. These promotions offer opportunities for members to win even more bonus cash prizes than the standard ones advertised.

Overview of VIP Program at me88

How would you like to earn even more bonus rewards? me88 Malaysia has created a new VIP program to reward its most loyal members with even more cash bonuses and exclusive promotions unavailable to ordinary members. VIP members enjoy a high rate of return on their bets, along with several other benefits you cannot find anywhere else.

The VIP program is a six-tier system. Those tiers are as follows:

  • Jade
  • Rose Gold
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Royal

Every new VIP member starts at the Jade tier after making their first deposit. Then, to advance to another tier, you must deposit a specific amount into your me88 online casino account each month. The more you deposit, the higher the tier and the more generous the rewards.

Benefits of me88 Malaysia’s VIP Program

me88 Malaysia’s VIP program offers several generous and exclusive benefits to its VIP members. Those benefits include the following:

Birthday Bonuses

Every VIP player is entitled to a free birthday bonus on their actual birthday each year. The minimum bonus is RM 88 in the Jade tier, but the higher tiers include birthday bonuses of RM138, RM188, RM388, RM888, and RM1,688.

To apply for the VIP birthday bonus, contact the customer service team at me88 Malaysia using the website’s Live Chat feature. You must apply within seven days of your birth date to be eligible for the birthday bonus. Once the customer support team verifies your birthday, they will send you a bonus credit to your preferred e-wallet.

Tier Upgrade Bonuses

You will receive a tier upgrade bonus each time you qualify for a higher tier in the VIP program. This bonus is an extra reward for consistently playing on the me88 casino platform and meeting the eligibility requirements for a higher tier.

Starting from the Rose Gold tier, the tier upgrade bonuses include RM138, RM188, RM388, RM888, and RM1,688. You will see the tier upgrade bonus deposited into your casino account as soon as your VIP status has been officially upgraded.

If you don’t, contact the customer support team via the Live Chat feature to notify them of your tier upgrade status. Once they verify the VIP upgrade, they will deposit the tier upgrade bonus in your preferred e-wallet.

Weekly Rescue Bonuses

Weekly rescue bonuses provide a cash rebate if your total weekly losses fall within a particular range. All members of me88 Malaysia qualify for a weekly rescue bonus, and high-tiered VIP members can expect higher weekly rescue bonuses if their losses fall within the appropriate range.

For example, all members will receive an RM188 weekly rescue bonus if their total weekly losses fall between RM5,000.00 and RM7,499.99. If those losses fall between RM7,500.00 and RM9,999.99, the weekly rescue bonus is RM238. These are the standard weekly bonuses for everyone.

However, VIP members are entitled to a 5% weekly rescue bonus on their losses. Each VIP tier has a different maximum rescue bonus. Starting from Jade and ending on Royal, the maximum weekly rescue bonuses include RM 588, RM 888, RM 1,288, RM 1,688, RM 2,688, and RM 4,288.

You must visit the Promotions page and click the “Apply Now” button next to the weekly bonus section to apply for your weekly bonus. Ensure you apply for the promotion during the same week you are eligible for the weekly bonus, or else you will miss out on it. Each week is between Monday at 24:00:00 (GMT+8) and Sunday at 23:59:59 (GMT+8).

Special Rebates

Special rebates are available to all VIP members who play live casino games, slots, or sportsbook betting. These special rebates are instant cash rebates on your total bet amount for any eligible sports event, slot game, or live casino game. Although the minimum rebate amount is RM 1, the maximum payout amount is unlimited. That means there is no limit to how much money you could get in a rebate. It all depends on how much you bet.

VIP players can expect anywhere from a 0.30% to 0.70% rebate on live casino bets, 0.30% to 0.80% rebate on sports bets, and 0.40% to 0.90% rebate on slot bets. me88 Malaysia calculates the instant cash rebate amount based on your total daily bet on all eligible games.

The casino automatically generates instant cash rebates on an hourly basis. There is also the option to manually request an instant rebate by visiting your “Profile” page and selecting the “Instant Rebate” option. You should see your cash rebate get deposited into your e-wallet immediately.

Special Birthday Gift

Any VIP player who achieves Royal tier status will be eligible for a special birthday gift. Royal is the only tier where a VIP player can receive this special birthday gift. You will not know what it is until you receive it because it is a surprise.

When you go to collect your regular birthday bonus as a VIP member with Royal tier status, mention to the customer service person that you are a Royal VIP member. Once they verify your Royal tier status, they will provide you with your special birthday gift and your ordinary birthday bonus reward. Since Royal is the highest tier in the VIP program, you can expect the special birthday gift to be extraordinary.

Higher Daily Withdrawal Limit

VIP players of the Jade and Rose Gold tiers can withdraw up to RM 50,000 daily. However, you can increase your daily withdrawal limit if you qualify to upgrade to a higher tier. The daily withdrawal limits are RM 60,000 for the Ruby tier, RM 80,000 for the Sapphire tier, RM 100,000 for the Emerald tier, and UNLIMITED for the Royal tier.

Every VIP member strives to reach the Royal tier because there is no limit to how much of their winnings they can withdraw daily. Remember that you can only upgrade to the Royal tier through invitation.

Dedicated Support

All VIP members are entitled to receive dedicated 24-hour support via Live Chat. me88 Malaysia always has customer service agents on standby to answer questions and guide players on the me88 casino platform.

Even though all me88 Malaysia casino members have access to Live Chat support, the requests of VIP members get top priority over those made by non-VIP members. So, if you have an issue with the casino games, sportsbooks, slots, or depositing and withdrawing, the customer service team will prioritise your support request because you are a VIP member.

How to Participate in the VIP Program

Are you interested in signing up for the VIP program at me88 Malaysia? If so, you’ll need to meet specific eligibility requirements.

Any accountholder at me88 Malaysia can become a VIP member if they verify their ID with the casino staff and meet the minimum monthly and quarterly deposit requirements.

Therefore, create a me88 account if you don’t already have one. Once your identification has been verified upon opening the account, the next step is to make your first deposit.

Here are the minimum deposit requirements for each tier of the VIP program:

Jade – First Time Deposit

Rose Gold – RM 50,000

Ruby – RM 150,000

Sapphire – RM 300,000

Emerald – RM 600,000

Royal – Invitation Only

The Jade and Rose Gold tiers have a lifetime membership renewal, while the other four higher tiers renew quarterly. For example, the Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald tiers require you to make an accumulated deposit within three months of RM 75,000, RM 150,000, and RM 300,000, respectively. In addition, the accumulated turnover within three months must be a minimum of RM 750,000, RM 1,500,000, and RM 3,000,000, respectively.

Terms and Conditions for Being a VIP Player

Every VIP player must abide by the terms and conditions outlined on the me88 Malaysia “Terms and Conditions” page. These terms and conditions specify the rules and expectations each VIP player must uphold and respect while actively using the me88 online casino platform. Any VIP player who fails to abide by the terms and conditions could have their VIP status removed and their casino account blocked or suspended at the discretion of the casino staff.

Any VIP player who fails to maintain the qualifications of their current VIP tier will fall to a lesser tier. However, by meeting the minimum deposit requirements and following the website’s rules, there is a chance to re-qualify for a higher tier each month.


The VIP program at me88 Malaysia is perfect for players who plan to spend a lot of time betting and gambling on its online casino platform. Regular depositing and betting are the most effective ways to benefit from the VIP program, which provides more bonuses and rewards.

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