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Verizon Plans To Double Its Network Capacity In Response To AI Demands



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(CTN News) – Verizon Communications is betting on artificial intelligence (AI) as the next major growth driver for the corporation and for its business. This assertion has been made.

In an interview with Bloomberg that was published on Tuesday (May 14), Sowmyanarayan Sampath, the Chief Executive Officer of Verizon Consumer, expressed his optimism regarding the possibility that artificial intelligence could enable the company to double its network size within the next five years.

Verizon Consumer is the largest retail cellular carrier in the United States.

Over the course of the past few years, video traffic has been the primary driver of expansion for our network at Verizon. On the other hand, the study states that Sampath believes that the need for apps that utilize artificial intelligence would soon overtake the demand for video traffic.

It is vital to ensure that the data is effectively transmitted from data centers to end users for analysis and then returned to data centers.

This is because artificial intelligence tools generate vast amounts of data, which makes it necessary to ensure that the data is transmitted properly. This growing demand is something that Verizon plans to meet by delivering a robust network infrastructure.

This is something that Verizon intends to do.

Furthermore, according to the report, Verizon believes that artificial intelligence will revolutionize a variety of aspects of its various business operations.

The artificial intelligence program that Google has built has already been integrated into the customer service operations of the corporation. Based on the information provided in the article, this technology has been used to equip 40,000 customer support workers with power, which enables them to provide improved service to clients.

As an illustration, the program that utilizes artificial intelligence is able to monitor the tone and sentiment of human clients by listening in on their private phone conversations.

Based on the findings of the study, a supervisor has the ability to receive a notification as soon as a customer appears to be suffering irritation. This allows the supervisor to intervene and provide support to the customer promptly.

According to the research, customer service agents will be able to devote their attention to more challenging tasks, such as assisting customers with international vacations or account changes, that will be made possible by the automation of routine tasks such as inquiries about bills and payment details.

The article states that Verizon also plans to implement artificial intelligence in order to provide customers with personalized recommendations and curated deals in real time. This decision was made in order to better serve customers.

According to the findings of the research, the company has strategically positioned its infrastructure in order to manage the anticipated increase in traffic that is associated with artificial intelligence. In order to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for data transmission, it has made several investments in the acquisition of spectrum that is currently available.

The most recent earnings call for the company, which took place on April 22, was attended by CEO Hans Vest berg, who devoted some of his attention to discussing the artificial intelligence strategy undertaken by the company.

Additionally, he noted that the corporation needs to commercialize the mobile edge computing capabilities of the company’s network in order to establish a revenue stream that is centered on artificial intelligence.

“Workloads involving generative artificial intelligence represent a great long-term opportunity for us,” said Vest berg in his presentation. There are a number of things that we are working on to make Verizon a more efficient organization. These include growing our network and strengthening our performance advantage.


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