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Patent Case Won By Moderna Against Pfizer-BioNTech In Europe

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A sign marks the headquarters of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine maker Moderna in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S., April 28, 2022. REUTERS/Brian Snyder/File Photo Purchase Licensing Rights

(CTN News) – The COVID-19 vaccine is currently being contested between Moderna Pfizer (PFE.N), which opens a new tab, and BioNTech (22UAy.DE), which opens a new tab.

A patent owned by Moderna (MRNA.O) was validated by the European Patent Office earlier this week, according to the company. This victory was achieved in spite of the fact that the conflict is still ongoing.

Since the year 2022, when the firm filed a lawsuit against Pfizer-BioNTech for allegedly reproducing their mRNA technology, the company has been engaged in a legal fight with the latter company for their COVID shot Comirnaty.

The case was launched in response to the company’s allegations that the latter company had done so. The lawsuit was submitted at the same time as the firm submitted its own lawsuit.

Pfizer and BioNTech have filed a countersuit against Moderna,

Saying that the patent that Moderna holds is invalid. This means that the patent has been contested by both companies. As a consequence of the fact that the competing vaccines manufactured by the corporations generated sales of billions of dollars during the outbreak, this is the inevitable consequence.

The pharmaceutical company Pfizer has published a statement in which it expresses its dissatisfaction and states that it will investigate all of its legal options and may file an appeal over the verdict.

There will be no change in the manufacturing and supply of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, regardless of the outcome of this legal dispute, Pfizer said in a statement to Reuters.

In our opinion, this will continue for the foreseeable future.” “The vaccine will continue to be manufactured and supplied by us for the foreseeable future.” “We will continue to manufacture and supply the vaccine for the foreseeable future.”

The European patent held by Moderna was upheld by the patent office, and BioNTech issued a statement in which they declared that the result “does not change our unwavering and unequivocal stance that this patent is invalid.”

This statement was issued after the patent office’s decision to uphold the European patent.

The verdict was reportedly delivered verbally on Thursday, as stated in a statement that was made by the Financial Times, which was the first media outlet to report on the subject matter.

According to the report, a written verdict is anticipated to be released within the next few months due to the fact that it is anticipated to be published. This information was also included in the story.

Furthermore, Pfizer, BioNTech, and Moderna are all taking part in concurrent actions in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, England, and the United States of America that are relevant to their respective patents. These actions are taking place in several countries. These countries are both experiencing these simultaneous behaviors at the same time.

Earlier this month, a patent battle was placed on hold by a federal court in the state of Massachusetts. The ruling of the court was made in the state of Massachusetts.

This ruling was made at the same time as the United States Patent and Trademark Office is determining whether or not two of the three patents that Moderna possesses and that are in question are legitimate intellectual property.

A decrease of 1.2% was seen in the value of BioNTech shares that are traded on the United States stock exchange, whilst a decrease of 1% was seen in the value of Pfizer shares.


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