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Family Who Claim Their Boy is the Reincarnated Son of Lord Buddha Sued

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Reincarnated Son of Lord Buddha

An eight-year-old boy who’s parents claim he’s the Lord Buddha’s reincarnated son and has magical abilities to “connect people’s minds”have has charges filed against them Thailand’s Central Investigation Bureau police.

On Monday, Thailand’s Central Investigation Bureau received a complaint against “Nong Nice” and eight other individuals who handle Nong Nice’s “mind connection” office and website for breaching the Computer Crime Act, Donation Soliciting Act, and Child Welfare Protection Act.

Several prominent social critics, including Ananchai Chaiyadet, Praiwal “Peary” Wannabut, Thankhun Jitt-itsara, and Khun Ton Or, the founder of the Be One Foundation, submitted the case.

They also urged for a change in the rule that governs the Sangha Council, Thailand’s Buddhist order, to prevent anyone from distorting the Lord Buddha’s teachings.

The complainants demanded that the National Office of Buddhism examine the “mind connection” office and its operators immediately, claiming that they were spreading incorrect information to the general public.

Mr Ananchai, a lawyer, said the CIB has been ordered to investigate whether Nong Nice and other sect members committed fraud.

He believes the boy’s parents are behind the plot, claiming that Nong Nice was the son of Lord Buddha in a past incarnation and possesses magical powers associated with the naga, a gigantic serpent in Thai mythology.

Mr Anachai claimed that as a law-abiding citizen, he was required to file the complaint against the eight-year-old and everyone associated with the cult in order to defend Buddhism. He also criticized the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security for not doing enough to prevent Nong Nice from engaging in questionable behavior.

Meanwhile, Mr Thankhun stated that several victims have come forward to expose the plan, but their complaints have gone unheard.

Khun Ton Or further stated that the foundation has filed complaints against the mind connection campaign operators with the police, the National Office of Buddhism, and the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. However, they have not taken any action, he stated.

One of the victims, Or Rak Khamram, claimed to have attended the mind connection course and discovered it was a hoax.

Rāhula the Son of Lord Buddha

Rāhula the Son of Lord Buddha

Rāhula the Son of Lord Buddha

Rāhula was the son of Siddhārtha Gautama, also known as Buddha. Born to Buddha’s wife Yasodhara, he had a luxurious existence as a prince in ancient India. But fate had different intentions. When Rāhula was just 7 days old, his father (Lord Buddha) left the royal palace to seek knowledge and the truth about human misery.

Rāhula joined his father’s monastic order as a young novice monk. Despite leaving a life of affluence, he accepted Buddhist teachings enthusiastically. Rāhula followed Buddha’s guidance to alleviate suffering through meditation, ethical behavior, and wisdom.

His relationship with his father grew from a familial affinity to a deep spiritual one. Buddha used Rāhula’s inquisitive nature to convey important truths, often using child-friendly metaphors. Their exchanges demonstrated Buddha’s compassion and skill as a teacher.

Rāhula was one of Lord Buddha’s most dedicated pupils, learning profound meditation techniques. Following Buddha’s death, he was instrumental in preserving and propagating the Dharma. Rāhula’s legacy exemplifies the transformational power of the Buddha’s teachings, which transcend familial bonds.


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