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Court Warrant Sought Over 8 Year-Old Telepath in Thailand

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Court Warrant Sought Over 8 Year-Old Telepath in Thailand
Parents of 8-year-old "Nong Nice" Allege he has Telepathic Powers: Facebook Image

Thailand’s Social Development and Human Security Ministry is seeking a court warrant to send eight-year-old “Nong Nice” to psychologists after his parents refused to allow officials to conduct a house visit to assess the boy’s mental status.

According to Social Development and Human Security Minister Varawut Silpa-archa, the boy’s well-being is a concern, as his parents claim he has telepathic abilities that can connect people’s minds. He also claims to have been a son of Lord Buddha in a past life and to have inherited the magical powers of the naga, a huge serpent from Thai mythology.

According to many regional traditions, the huge Nagas are “celestial beings/guardians of water” or “vehicle of the Phra Phiroon, the god of rain/water”. According to popular mythology, Nagas have underwater cities, and the great Naga is the “king of the underwater world”.

The Great Naga, or “Phaya Nak,” has the ability to bring “rain” to the land or cause drought by blocking it. According to certain myths, they can masquerade themselves as rain clouds, and/or Naga and “rainbow” are synonymous. As a result, many Thai people associate rain or water from rain with Naga in a variety of ways.

Mr Varawut stated that he had directed the ministry’s Surat Thani provincial office to send interdisciplinary specialists, including therapists, to check the mental health of the youngster and his family.

Court Warrant Sought Over 8 Year-Old Telepath in Thailand

Authorization to meet Nong Nice

However, officials have consistently been denied direct access to the youngster, prompting the office to ask the Juvenile and Family Court for authorization to meet Nong Nice and conduct a mental health evaluation on him. The minister stated that a court warrant is required because the boy’s family has not cooperated.

“The ministry and the Department of Children and Youth bear full legal responsibility for ensuring children’s rights and wellbeing.

“The ministry will focus on the boy’s upbringing, family background, and schooling. That will serve as the foundation for determining whether the youngster received enough care under the law,” said Mr Varawut.

The ministry’s statement came after the Central Investigation Bureau filed a legal complaint against “Nong Nice” and eight other people who manage Nong Nice’s “Mind Connection” office and website on Monday for violating the Computer Act, Donation Soliciting Act, and Child Welfare Protection Act.

Several prominent social critics, including Ananchai Chaiyadet, Praiwal “Peary” Wannabut, Thankhun Jitt-itsara, and Khun Ton Or, the founder of the Be One Foundation, submitted the case.

In a separate development, Prime Minister’s Office Minister Pichit Chuenban, who oversees the National Office of Buddhism (NOB), stated on Tuesday that he had already directed the NOB director, Intaporn Chaniam, to dispel public misconceptions about any false Buddhist teachings that the boy may have created.

He admitted to certain delays in the NOB’s probe into the Nong Nice controversy. The minister stated that the matter has been off the radar for some time because the youngster is not a monk and hence does not fall under the NOB’s authority.

Court Warrant Sought Over 8 Year-Old Telepath in Thailand

Telepaths in Thailand

In Thailand, telepaths are an intriguing phenomenon. Locals regard them as people with amazing mental abilities, capable of understanding thoughts and feelings without physical contact. These telepaths, typically renowned for their supernatural abilities, are sought after for advice and wisdom.

Many Thai telepaths claim that they honed their abilities through rigorous mental training, meditation, and spiritual practices. Some claim their skills derive from previous lifetimes or divine intervention. Skeptics, on the other hand, regard these statements as deceptive or self-delusional.

Despite the skepticism, Thai telepaths have a devoted following, especially in rural areas where traditional beliefs prevail. They provide services ranging from fortune telling to healing, with the promise of accessing the invisible areas of the mind. Clients go to them in search of solutions to life’s questions or simply to experience the mysterious world of extrasensory perception.

Whether telepathy occurs or not, the belief in such exceptional abilities is strongly established in Thai culture. These alleged telepaths continue to grab the imagination, blurring the line between fact and mystique in an old land.


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