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“Watch Video” Woman Caught Vaping Aboard Airplane at Chiang Rai Airport

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Chiang Rai Mae Fah Luang Airport authorities have report they have identified the female passenger who was caught on video vaping an e-cigarette on a flight leaving Chiang Rai on Sunday.

Chiang Rai airport officials stated that the woman in facing charges under the Tobacco Products Control Act, BE 2560 (2017) and the Act on Certain Offences Against Air Navigation, BE 2521 (1978).

Chiang Rai airport’s director-general, Somchanok Tiamtiab-Rat has directed the airline to contact the female passenger in order to pursue further legal action.

On Sunday, the Red Skull X account, which has roughly 620,000 followers, shared a video of a female passenger using an e-cigarette while on board a plane. “This is shameful. “I’m not sure how she got through the airport security checkpoint,” the individual who took the video wrote.

According to Mr Somchanok, airport staff physically and electronically screened each passenger. However, an e-cigarette may be missed since the mouthpieces are typically composed of plastic, which is not detectable by X-rays.

He stated that vaping components (also known as “mods”), e-liquids, and disposable vapes are all prohibited on any aircraft in Thailand and will be confiscated by Chiang Rai airport security if discovered.

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Thailand’s Vaping Laws

Thailand’s vaping laws are stringent and strictly enforced. Importing and selling vape devices and e-liquids is prohibited and can result in significant penalties or jail time. The restrictions apply to all vaping products, including nicotine-free ones. Even possessing a vape for personal use may result in seizure and sanctions.

Tourists found vaping in public face up to $600 in on-the-spot fines. Commercial vaping-related infractions, such as owning a vape store, carry larger fines. According to reports, officials undertake regular raids on businesses and may make covert purchases in order to catch violators.

The Thai government outlawed vaping due to worries about unknown health dangers and a lack of safety measures. Officials claim that vaping could increase smoking rates, particularly among youth. Critics contend that the rules deprive smokers of safer choices.

Thailand’s strong position contrasts with several of its neighbors, who regulate but allow vaping. The administration shows no signs of easing the rules anytime soon. Vapers visiting Thailand should leave their equipment at home or risk legal ramifications.

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