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Epic Games Launches Weekly Game Giveaway Worth $39.99

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Epic Games
Epic Games has started its Mega Sale 2024 by giving away a game that still carries a $39.99 MSRP. (Image source: Epic Games)

(CTN News) – Epic Games improved their game promotion over the course of the previous week by providing free in-game content for a purchase of $100 and Circus Electrique for Firestone: Online Idle RPG.

Both additions were brought about by the company. In addition to that, the company has provided free in-game products that have a combined value of one hundred dollars.

A coincidence exists between the timing of this week’s deal with the Mega Sale 2024 that Epic Games is currently holding, which will continue for an entire month.

The sale will be available for purchase. Considering that this is a coincidence, it is very interesting to think about. Because of this, the business is going to report on a number of sales anytime between the months of May and June. The announcement is going to be made sometime during the month of May.

Epic Games will give away the Dragon Age: Origins Game of the Year Edition:

Inquisition for the remainder of this week. This decision was made effective immediately. It has been determined by Metacritic that this game has received an average rating of 85 out of a possible 100 points during the entirety of its release on personal computers.

It is essential to bring up the fact that the game can be purchased on personal computers for a price of $39.99, which includes a range of markets such as Amazon. I think this is an important point to bring up.

To serve as a point of reference, the Dragon Age: Epic Games Inquisition – Game of the Year Edition of the game includes the following content in addition to the base game itself. This is for the purpose of providing:

There are chests that hold Fires of the Inquisition that are included in the release of the Dragon Age multiplayer Deluxe Edition. Armour, armament, and armored mounts are the three categories of armor that come into play.

This assortment consists of three parts. These components are the supplementary content pack for Jaws of Hakkon Skyhold Throne, Red Hart Halla, and Bog Unicorn.

Because of the treasures that the Avvar has brought you, you will have access to five new mounts, two new sets of armor, and additional customization options for your Skyhold base. In addition, you will have access to more options to customize your fortress.

One of the treasures that can be obtained from the Qunari is a war mount that is armored. New armor sets, including one that is modeled by the Arishok, as well as relics that are exclusive to Skyhold are among the other treasures that can be obtained.

Increased material for the Descent video from Epic Games

Additional content for Epic Games’ Trespasser

To be able to play Dragon Age: Inquisition – Game of the Year Edition for free, you will need to have an existing subscription to either EA Play or Game Pass Ultimate.

However, it is possible to play the game without having to pay for it with any of these services.

On the other hand, it is already possible to play the game without paying anything. Furthermore, Epic Games is enabling the redemption of a one-month subscription to Discord Nitro, which generally costs $9.99 per month.

This subscription can be redeemed for a complimentary month.

This offer is open to both new participants and those who have already participated.

This offer is available to both those who have never used the service before as well as those who have used it in the past.

There is a difference between the game offer for this week and the one-month subscription to Discord Nitro, which may be redeemed until the 13th of June after this week.

Both of these situations are separate from one another.


Sales to subs: The Economics Behind Gaming

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