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Shares Of GameStop Drop 20% After It Files To Sell Additional Stock

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A GameStop location on 6th Avenue in New York on March 23, 2021. View Press | Corbis News | Getty Images

(CTN News) – The stock of GameStop fell by twenty-five percent on Friday, subsequent to the disclosure of the video game retailer’s intention to sell additional shares and the release of preliminary figures indicating a decline in sales for the initial quarter.

The publication of preliminary figures came before this.

The video game retailer stated in a new regulatory filing that it is prepared to conduct a market offering of class A common shares, with the potential to sell a maximum of 45 million shares. It is anticipated that the offering will occur in the immediate future.

An increase in the price of GameStop’s stock earlier this week led to the subsequent divestment of the organization’s shares. This transpired due to a transient resurgence in the meme stock market earlier this week.

Amid this period, GameStop issued a revised statement wherein it revised its net sales forecast for the initial quarter to a range of $872 million to $892 million. This specific statement was released concurrently with the previously mentioned occurrence.

The figure of around $1.24 billion documented for the corresponding quarter of the prior year represents a significant reduction when compared to the data presented for the current quarter. Two analysts, according to the findings of a survey conducted by FactSet, anticipated that the initial quarter would generate sales of approximately one billion dollars. As of the beginning of the current fiscal year,

GameStop is anticipated to incur a net loss ranging from $27 million to $37 million.

This represents a decline compared to the $50.5 million net loss incurred during the corresponding period of the prior year. Conventional enterprises that operate from physical retail locations have encountered significant competition from enterprises that specialize in conducting business exclusively online.

In anticipation of improving their financial situation, GameStop announced prior to the end of the month of March that they would be reducing their workforce.

The substantial increase in GameStop’s stock value this week appears to be primarily attributable to posts on X from the inactive account of “Roaring Kitty,” also known as Keith Gill, a prominent figure in the 2021 meme stock mania. Since quite some time, the account has remained inactive.

It seems that these statements contributed in some way to the occurrence of the rally. GameStop established a fresh peak price of $64.83 per share on Tuesday, signifying a surge of over 200% from the last recorded price of the company’s shares on May 10.

As a consequence of the rally failing to manifest by the end of the week, GameStop experienced significant declines on Wednesday and Thursday.

As of the conclusion of trading on Thursday, the value of shares had declined to $27.67, representing a decline of over fifty percent from the peak of the week. This decrease also signifies a reduction from the peak of the week.

When compared to the influx of capital generated by retail traders during the trading mania that occurred three years ago, the current inflow of capital has been considerably less. According to Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter,

GameStop is not financially viable to generate profits.

“They earned $6 million the year prior but spent their entire cash balance,” Pachter testified in court. We anticipate that, with the future in mind, they will incur annual losses of up to one hundred million dollars. There is a competitive pressure to promptly close locations in order to avert financial losses.

However, the organization lacks a strategic plan that would indicate an improvement in revenues or profitability, and its core business is currently undergoing a downturn. Currently, they are participating in this race.

Following the determination that Pachter is failing to meet anticipated levels of performance, GameStop has set a target price of $7 for the product.


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