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Foreigner Jumps to His Death From Cell Tower in Southern Thailand

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Foreigner Jumps to His Death From Cell Tower in Southern Thailand
49-Year-Old Polish Man: Photo MGR Online

On Friday morning, a 49-year-old man from Poland died after jumping from a cellular tower in Chaiya district of Surat Thani in southern Thailand. Police and rescue workers were called to the scene at approximately 10am.

Police and rescue workers rushed to a site at Tambon Wiang in Chaiya district, after learning that a man who appeared mentally disturbed had climbed the tower, according to police.

Foreigner Jumps to His Death From Cell Tower in Southern Thailand

The man seemed disturbed: Photo MGR Online

The shirtless man was discovered sitting cross-legged near the top of the cellular tower. Police, emergency workers, and locals attempted to encourage him to climb down because they were scared he would jump. Air cushions had been placed on the ground.

As everyone stared in terror, the man made no attempt to get down. Monks from the Suan Mokkh International Hermitage arrived on the scene, along with language tutors, to try and encourage the man to return to the ground safely.


Polish Man Jumps to his dearth: Photo MGR Online

Sadly, despite two hours of pleading, the man eventually jumped around 20 metres to the earth. The man’s name has been suppressed pending notification of family members.

According to a police inquiry, the man had been practicing meditation at the hermitage for around three days before becoming agitated. Walking with a wooden baton, the man hopped across a local house’s wall before climbing the nearby tower.

Surat Thani Hospital received his body for a postmortem examination. Police were looking into why he jumped to his death.

Foreigners taking their own lives in Thailand is a tragic issue that requires attention. Many expats struggle with isolation, despair, and substance misuse when they are away from their home nations.

Financial difficulties, shattered relationships, and legal issues can all push people over the edge. The ease of access to harmful means such as charcoal burning increases the risk.

Thailand’s weak rules on certain pharmaceuticals enable stockpiling for intentional overdoses as well. Accurate data is sparse, but foreign suicides are likely more common than reported. Non-Thais have access to minimal mental health resources.

Embassies attempt to provide assistance hotlines, but prevention remains difficult across language and cultural hurdles. Finally, increasing awareness and improving access to counseling may help save lives.

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