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Twist Ice Cream – How to Properly Make Them

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twist ice cream

How do you make twist ice cream to get the desired texture, appearance (and especially the all-important height!) and flavour? Simply choose the right kind of ice cream powder mix. Learn the 5 characteristics that ice cream powder should have and choose the right product for your ice cream shop!

Twist ice cream – what the perfect twist ice cream should be like

Twist ice cream are tall and hard. Their dense consistency allows the ice cream to form into a tall shape. Twist ice cream is more frozen than soft serve ice cream, which has a soft and aerated structure. As a result, they are resistant to melting for a long time. They can be served in one flavour or as a mix of two flavours.

Ice cream powder mix – why you should choose ice cream from the ice cream machine

Why is selling powdered ice cream profitable? First and foremost, ice cream is a high-margin product – the cost of producing it is many times lower than the final selling price of the ice cream. A customer of your ice cream shop will pay about £1-£2 for twist ice cream while the production cost is less than 20 pence!

Ice cream powder mix  is also about the convenience of preparation. All you have to do is mix the powder with water, place it in the ice cream machine and after a few minutes you’re ready to serve the ice cream. However, in order to make your twist ice cream perfect in every way, it is worth betting on the right ice cream powder. Learn what characteristics it should have.

Twist Ice Cream

Twist ice cream – how to choose the best ice cream powder mix

How do you make twist ice cream worth queuing up for? Choose the best ice cream powder. Here is a list of the qualities it should have:

  1. High quality ingredients

Check the composition of the ice cream and choose a manufacturer that avoids the use of unnecessary additives and produces ice cream from the highest quality ingredients.

  1. Natural additives

By using natural additives, the ice cream will not only look appetising but also taste really good. Choose ice cream with a distinct, deep flavour. And this effect can be achieved by using high-quality natural ingredients.

  1. Easy preparation process

Make sure to check if the powder spreads effortlessly with water. The easy-to-mix powder is a guarantee of a smooth texture and perfect ice cream consistency.

  1. High efficiency

The high efficiency of the powder is certainly a great asset of the product. If it goes hand in hand with high quality, preparing ice cream from it will certainly be satisfying: you will achieve a great result and profit.

  1. Manufacturer support

It is worth choosing a manufacturer that offers advertising and content support in addition to the product in their offer. The opportunity to receive guidance from an expert or free advertisement material is sometimes at a premium. It is worth taking advantage of such offers.

Manufacturer – premium quality twist ice cream 

Among the ice cream manufacturers on the market, Lykke’s ice cream powder mix definitely stands out. Both twist as well as soft serve ice cream powder are characterised by high quality, high efficiency and easy preparation process – you can make ice cream in less than 15 minutes! In addition to this, ice cream manufacturer Lykke offers its customers access to free advertising materials: posters, menuboards, loyalty cards in high-quality files that you can successfully use in your venue and social media.

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