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Gangnam Full Salon: A Large Karaoke Restaurant in Gangnam, Korea

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Gangnam Pool Salon, a large karaoke restaurant in Gangnam, Korea

This is a newly opened karaoke full salon in Gangnam. Our full salon is a very large establishment with over 70 rooms and a building from the 1st to the 8th floor. It is a corporate full salon with a variety of rooms ranging from basic rooms to luxury rooms.

Prices are determined based on the number of people admitted and the class of the room. Business hours are 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This place is usually crowded with people from early evening until late at night, and many tourists from overseas visit Korea.

Gangnam Full Salon

Full salon services

Gangnam’s full salon services are diverse. Luxury vehicle pick-up service to help visiting customers move around, and price discounts if you visit at a specific time.

There are events, and a variety of other services are available, such as cake service for the birthday person, party room decoration, and celebration party service by DJs. Detailed information can be found on the website.

There are various menus

강남풀싸롱 carries world-class whiskey, wine, champagne, etc. Alcoholic beverages are prepared according to the level desired by customers, and chefs who specialize in cuisines from various countries, We offer a variety of food menus and desserts. In addition, we have a variety of drinks, cocktails, and beers from around the world to suit your taste.

Gangnam Full Salon

Karaoke Full Salon has excellent acoustics and convenience.

Full Salon’s rooms are equipped with surround sound systems that provide rich sound in each room, wireless microphones, standing microphones, and various simple musical instruments.

You can sing while listening to the accompaniment coming from high-quality speakers and have a more enjoyable time with friends and colleagues. Additionally, the VIP room provides space to enjoy VR games and premium champagne is provided as basic alcohol.

Gangnam’s full salon entertainment culture

In South Korea, there are various entertainment and entertainment cultures depending on the region. Gangnam is a luxurious city with a concentration of karaoke bars, lounges, bars, and high-end restaurants.

Among them, many people enjoy drinking and music at a karaoke called Full Salon on the weekends. A variety of performances and shows are prepared in the full salon.

We offer a variety of things to see and enjoy, such as the spectacular dance of transgender people, the stage of a dance performance team, and the stage of an amateur band. People have a good time at a full salon with a variety of entertainment options.

It is also a good choice for entertainment and gatherings.

The full salon is also used when people have gatherings or important entertainment. The full salon’s luxurious atmosphere and diverse menu make it a great place for gatherings and entertainment.

The full salon includes a massage shop, spa, and cafe as additional facilities, and even if you do not enjoy drinking or singing, you can have a good time at the additional facilities. In Gangnam, people often use full salons when entertaining people.

The staff here are very friendly and have excellent customer service skills, so customers are highly satisfied. “I get it and go“.

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