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Briton, 23 Busted for Public Nudity in Krabi, Thailand

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Briton Busted for Public Nudity in Krabi, Thailand

A British backpacker has been detained for stripping naked in front of fellow tourists as they posed for a group shot while on holiday in Krabi, Thailand. Joseph William Kershaw, 23, was caught on camera with his clothes in hand in front of the Sailfish Sculpture.

He was photographed with a group of 20 to 30 young Europeans cheering as Kershaw brandished his genitals around, ignoring the startled locals and passing automobiles. The incident occurred on April 8, after a group of visitors arrived at the location with a Thai tour leader.

Kershaw soon began shedding his clothes in the Thai heat, all the way down to his underpants, while his companions praised his brazen performance. He then removed his underpants and waved his genitalia around in front of visitors and local residents.

Krabi residents informed Thai police and told media that his actions degraded both the landmark sculpture and the Thai community.

British Backpacker Busted for Public Nudity in Krabi, Thailand

The Thai resident who recorded the incident told local TV network Channel 3 that both Thais and tourists were present at the scene, but this did not appear to deter the irresponsible Briton.

Following several complaints from residents and after reviewing the footage, Krabi Immigration Police identified Mr. Kershaw and discovered that he was in Thailand on a tourist visa. He was caught at his accommodation and taken to a local Police Station, where he apologised profusely to local and Immigration police.

Mr. Kershaw admitted to being the man in the YouTube video, saying he stripped because he was intoxicated and overexcited.

He the police, ‘I’m humiliated. I’m sorry to everyone; I was quite inebriated. I understand that it is not appropriate in your culture and will not happen again. ‘I’m extremely sorry… I’m grateful to you all for your aid and kindness, and I apologize. I’ll never do that again.

Officers were pleased with his apology and assurances that he will behave. He received a 5,000 Baht (£110) fine for his actions.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Wirat Inyod, the chief of the local immigration police, stated that the suspect had been punished and released, and that a court appearance was unnecessary.

The Krabi police officer stated, “He came here with a tourist visa.” He received a fine because this is just deemed a minor offense.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Wittaya Thongkong of Ao Nang Police Station in Krabi added: “The suspect was fined for performing such a disgraceful act in public by undressing himself, exposing his undressed person, or committing any other act of obscenity in accordance with Section 388 of the Thai Criminal Code.” ‘The Krabi police investigation officer penalized him a maximum of 5,000 baht.

In 2019, six tourists were detained for skinny dipping at Ao Nang Beach in Krabi: three British, one Austrian, one Japanese, and one Thai native. The group, which ranged in age from 17 to 20, allegedly admitted to being inebriated at the time. They were each required to pay a 500-baht fine.

Beach parties in Krabi are a legendary experience. These events draw crowds to the island’s pristine beaches for nights of revelry under the stars. DJs spin thumping beats as fire dancers mesmerize onlookers. Travelers mingle, sipping cocktails from pop-up bars. As the moon rises, the party reaches its peak – an unforgettable night on Krabi’s famed shores.

Public nudity is technically illegal, however some foreign tourists go topless or fully nude while sunbathing.

Locals are more modest, but nudity from Westerners is generally tolerated. However, getting fully nude in cities or at temples risks fines or arrest for indecent exposure. Thailand has a more relaxed attitude towards public nudity compared to most countries, but discretion is still advised.

Source: Daily Mail

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