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DeepFake Video Goes Viral Of Ducky Bhai’s Wife Aroob Jatoi

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DeepFake Video

(CTN News) – Deepfake videos of celebrities created by artificial intelligence continue to garner attention, and this time it involves Aroob Jatoi, wife of the top Pakistani YouTuber Ducky Bhai.

As a result of a deepfake video being shared online, YouTuber Saadur Rehman, also known as Ducky Bhai on the internet, and his wife Aroob Jatoi have filmed a new video asking for public assistance.

This viral clip, created using artificial intelligence tools, caused a frenzy among social media users, who have become accustomed to these type of scandals.

Ducky Bhai took to social media to explain the DeepFake Video phenomenon and to urge vigilance against cybercrime as the deepfake video began to appear in top searches on X and other platforms.

Known for his roasting and gaming channels, the YouTuber expressed deep dismay over the violation of dignity perpetrated against his wife.

Aroob shared her views as well, urging action against similar threats. In response to the couple’s vlogs, some people offered support, while others criticized them for sharing their personal lives with the world.

Ducky Bhai’s wife Aroob Jatoi’s DeepFake video

In addition, Ducky Bhai offered a reward of Rs10 lakh for information leading to the identification of the person responsible for the leak. As well as requesting action against individuals, he urged the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), as well as other relevant government officials, to take action against them.

The ducky bhai

Ducky Bhai is a well-known Pakistani YouTuber known for his humorous videos, reactions, and commentary on a wide range of social issues. The real name of this individual is Saad Ur Rehman.

Known for his humorous and occasionally controversial videos, frequently involving roasting or responding to other content creators, the popular internet personality gained widespread fame over the years.

His content consists of roasting, gaming, and other entertainment for his millions of followers on YouTube and other social media platforms.


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