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UFC 292: Nervous O’Malley Reveals Injury, Could’ve Lost If Taken Down



UFC 292: Nervous O'Malley Reveals Injury, Could've Lost If Taken Down

(CTN News) – As a result of his incredible title win in UFC 292, Sean O’Malley revealed that coming into UFC 292 he was very nervous.

“I have never been this nervous for a fight before, and this was the most nervous I have ever been. It is in my opinion that Aljamain Sterling is the best bantamweight of all time,” O’Malley said in an interview following the fight.

It is true that I was a little nervous for this fight, but I never lost confidence about what I could do with this f—ng right hand because I know what I’m capable of.”

Within a short period of time, he revealed the reason for those nerves.

Sean O’Malley said he couldn’t grapple due to an injury

The last time I grappled was six weeks ago. As a result of a muscle strain, I wasn’t able to grapple in six weeks, nor could I spar in MMA, Sean O’Malley said at the UFC 292 post-fight press conference.

The new champ went on to reveal that he was extra nervous because if he had been taken down, there was a chance he might have lost due to injury.

“I was the main event at the Boston Marathon. There was no shot I was pulling out of the fight, but we haven’t grappled yet. It will be six weeks from today when I get a muscle strain right under my rib cage.

Every interview I gave going into this fight against Aljo, I UFC proclaimed that everything was on the line – I couldn’t let myself be taken down. It was because I didn’t know if this was going to work or not,” he explained.

“It is sore at the moment. “I’m not sure if it’s from a kick or just from the little bit of grappling that we did,” O’Malley told Reuters.

When I began this interview, I mentioned dealing with the mental demons I was experiencing as a result of my injuries prior to entering this fight, knowing I was injured… I was referring to this when I stated that it was a life or death situation, but I will not state that I was injured at all.

After UFC 292, who will Sean O’Malley face next?

In spite of the injury he mentioned, Sean O’Malley was able to land that picture perfect right hand counter. He then mentioned that he would be defending his title in a rematch.

“Did Chito win the election?” Was the election boring? The likelihood is high. He declared, “I will whoop Chito’s arse at T-Mobile in Vegas in December.”.

At UFC 292, Marlon Vera defeated Pedro Munhoz by decision. As a result of Vera’s victory in 2020, O’Malley suffered his first and only loss in MMA.


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