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Thailand’s Meteorologists Forecast 43-45°C Temperatures for Songkran

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Thailand's Meteorologists Forecast 43-45°C Temperatures for Songkran

Thailand’s Meteorological forecasters are warning citizens and tourists of predict high temperatures of 43 to 45 degrees Celsius this month, with intermittent relief from summer storms.

Thailand’s Meteorological Department predicted scorching and extremely hot weather from Monday to Sunday this week in the country’s northeast and east. It blamed the heat on low pressure zones and little rainfall. Temperatures in these two places might reach 43-45°C during that time.

Summer storms, including hailstorms, are possible from April 8 to 10 due to chilly weather in upper Vietnam during the time. Thunderstorms may occur in the South, but the weather will be favorable for tourists, according to the department.

Throughout the month, the Meteorological Department predicted average temperatures to be roughly 30% higher than normal.

According to the department, the greatest temperatures could reach 43-45°C, particularly in the North, Northeast, upper Central Plains, and East for Songkran. Summer storms may cause temperatures to drop at various times this month due to southerly and southeasterly winds, the report said.

Summer temperatures in Thailand may be quite hot, with highs that will have you looking for the nearest air conditioner or beach.

The heat rises from March to May, with April being particularly infamous for its blistering conditions—temperatures in the 40s (Celsius) and higher. It’s not just the heat; humidity levels rise, making it much hotter.

Chiang Rai’s summer heat impacts you differently. Located on Thailand’s northern tip, this city experiences high temperatures from March to April.

It’s not just the digits on the thermometer; the humidity makes the air feel like a thick blanket, which is difficult even for natives. Tourists frequently find midday to be practically unpleasant for touring, preferring to do so in the cooler hours of the early morning or late afternoon.

Despite the heat, markets are bustling with fresh fruits such as mangosteens and rambutans, providing a sweet, juicy getaway. The season changes the environment into a lush, vibrant green, making a simple ride around the countryside an unforgettable experience.

To fully experience Chiang Rai’s summer beauty, stay hydrated and organize your activities around high heat hours.

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