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Iraq Bans Same-Sex Relations and Transgenderism

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Iraq bans homosexuality
Same-sex relations and transgenderism banned: Image RT

Iraq’s parliament has passed legislation prohibiting same-sex relationships and transgenderism. The US and UK opposed the move, but the speaker of the parliament defended it as “a necessary step to protect the value structure of society.”

On Saturday, the legislature enacted an amended law combating prostitution and homosexuality.

According to a copy of the law obtained by RT, anyone engaging in homosexual relations faces prison sentences of 10-15 years, seven years for anyone who promotes homosexuality or prostitution, and one to three years for anyone who changes their “biological gender” or dresses effeminately.

Acting Iraqi parliamentary speaker Mohsen Al-Mandalawi said in a statement that enacting the measure was “a necessary step to protect the value structure of society” and “protect our children from calls for moral depravity and homosexuality.”

The Iraqi legal code of 1969 did not officially punish homosexuality, but it did not protect gays and lesbians from extrajudicial persecution.

An modification to the law in the 1980s permitted the ‘honor killing’ of gays by their family members, while a 1993 amendment to the constitution established the death sentence for homosexual behavior.

The withdrawal of US troops from Iraq

The withdrawal of US troops from Iraq : Getty Image

Western media outlets reported an increase in police and militia attacks on homosexuals following the partial withdrawal of American soldiers in 2012, despite the US State Department’s declaration in 2019 that it had taught Iraqi security personnel “on the proper observance of human rights.”

According to a press release from State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller, the United States is “deeply concerned” about Saturday’s vote. “This amendment threatens those most at risk in Iraqi society and weakens Iraq’s ability to diversify its economy and attract foreign investment,” he said.

In a social media post, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron described the bill as “dangerous and worrying,” adding that “no one should be targeted for who they are.”

Homosexuality, regardless of its legal position, has long been considered taboo within Iraq’s traditional Shia majority. Some Iraqis view LGBTQ culture as a hostile Western ideology, and rainbow-colored ‘Pride’ banners are occasionally burned alongside Western flags at Iraqi protests.

According to Wikipedia, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people have limited or severely restricted rights in most parts of the Middle East, and they face hostility in others. In nine of the region’s 18 countries, sex between men is outlawed.

It is punishable by death in four of the 18 countries. The cultural traditions and religious mores of individuals residing in the region, particularly Islam, have a profound influence on the rights and freedoms of LGBT citizens.

 same-sex relations and transgenderism

Same-sex relations and transgenderism: File Image

Same-sex activity is legal in Cyprus, Northern Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, and Turkey. Male same-sex activity is prohibited and punishable by imprisonment in Kuwait, Egypt, Oman, Syria, and the UAE. It is also punishable by death in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

Depending on the crime, the punishment in Yemen and the Gaza Strip could range from death to jail.

In Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Yemen, if a person is found guilty of same-sex sexual conduct, they face the death penalty. The US Department of State’s Country Reports show that there are no established LGBT organizations in Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, claims of governmental and social discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation are ambiguous due to significant social pressure not to discuss LGBT issues.

Homosexuality is not legally criminal in Iraq, but LGBT people can face charges under public indecency legislation 401.

Which punishes anything considered harmful to public decency or morality with up to six months in jail and a fine. Vigilantes and Sharia courts also execute them, beat them, torment them, and attack them.

Jordan and Bahrain are the only Arab countries where homosexuality is legal; nonetheless, numerous Middle Eastern states tolerate and defend transsexual and transgender people.

Iran purportedly executes 2 gay men

Iran purportedly executes 2 gay men: Image CBS

For example, the Iranian government has permitted sex change procedures with medical approval. The Syrian government approved similar operations in 2011. LGBT rights movements have existed in various Middle Eastern countries, such as Turkey and Lebanon.

However, progress has been gradual in both Turkey and Lebanon, and a recent crackdown on LGBT-related activities has raised worries about LGBT people’s and organizations’ freedom of association and speech.

Israel is a significant exception, as it is the most supportive of LGBT rights and allows unregistered cohabitation. Israel likewise permits transgender people to legally alter their gender without surgery. Transgender people can openly serve in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Before globalization, Middle Eastern men and women who had homosexual relationships did not consider themselves ‘homosexual’.

The concept of “homosexuality” was brought to Middle Eastern regions as a result of Western-Middle Eastern interactions, and these individuals were then pushed to link themselves with new labels such as “gay”, “lesbian”, “straight”, and so on. Before the usage of these labels, people did not categorize their sexuality in this manner.

Iraq Government Labels Homosexuals as Sexual Deviants

Iraq Government Labels Homosexuals as Sexual Deviants

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