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Trent Williams Punches a Giants Player Because The NFL Allowed It



Trent Williams Punches a Giants Player Because The NFL Allowed It

(CTN News) – San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Trent Williams completely lost his cool on Thursday night when he delivered a closed fist punch to the facemask of New York Giants defensive tackle A’Shawn Robinson that landed squarely on his face.

In spite of the flag being thrown for the right hook, Williams was not ejected from the game, which is something that is mandatory in accordance with NFL regulations.

The next day, Trent Williams laughed about how he was able to get away with the punch and even suggested that he should not be fined for it.

A smug Trent Williams told reporters that it was the result of a love tap.

Why, then, was Trent Williams allowed to punch Robinson in the face and avoid ejection? Following the 30-12 victory by San Francisco on Sunday, the NFL and its officials scrambled to come up with an excuse.

As the NFL’s senior vice president for officiating, Walt Anderson, explained after the game that when a flag is thrown on the field for unnecessary roughness, members of the officiating department will review available video under Rule 19, to determine if there was a flagrant action that should be disqualified from the game and result in a disqualification.

Ultimately, we reviewed the video that we had available to us, and we just didn’t see anything that we felt reached the level of flagrant, which is the standard that we have to apply to disqualify the player from the game.”

Apparently, if a Giants player is on the receiving end of an intentional punch to the face, it won’t qualify as a punch to the face.

It was a rather absurd claim made by Anderson to suggest that the officials of the game were unable to determine if Trent Williams used a closed fist despite countless angles clearly pointing to that.

“I couldn’t confirm that 100 percent from the standpoint of whether it was truly a closed fist and a strike,” he said.

In response to Charlotte Carroll’s question about the punch, Robinson refused to address it after the game, but he did say something in Serbian when asked about it by The Athletic’s Charlotte Carroll.

A long history exists between Trent Williams and Robinson that dates back to the latter’s time in Los Angeles, and it’s evident that it’s more personal in nature than it is football related – something that extends beyond the sport itself.

In spite of this, the NFL’s explanation for why Trent Williams was not ejected is absurd.


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