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7 Romantic Ullu Web Series to Watch with Your Loved Ones



7 Romantic Ullu Web Series to Watch with Your Loved Ones

7 Romantic Ullu Web Series: You can never replace the time spent with your loved ones with social media or other digital tools. The unmatched happiness, excitement, and emotional satisfaction can help boost your mood. If you want to stay at home and feel cozy, plug in your TV, projector, or laptop and binge-watch a series. The following article will list some of the top Ullu Web Series that you can enjoy together. These shows are also great conversation fillers and can help you turn your weekends or day offs into a delight!

Charmsukh (Chawl House)

One of the top Ullu hot series, Charmsukh (Chawl House) has a cumulative rating of 7.6 on IMDb. This top Ullu web series is set in Mumbai and revolves around an ordinary family. The family’s house is overcrowded and a guest joins them to stay for a couple of days.

The guest secretly develops feelings for Renu, the newly married housewife (played by Sneha Paul). The story revolves around his infatuations and whether they would come true.

Charmsukh has several explicit scenes and its narration makes it undoubtedly one of the best web series.

Riti Riwaj Water Wives

The Riti Riwaj Water Wives series is another top Ullu hot series that revolves around the tradition and customs of a village. The series has a rating of 5.6 stars on IMDb and is directed by Ritesh Kumar. Set in a village in Maharashtra, this is one of the best Ullu web series.

The story revolves around a couple, Shanta and Bhagatram. Shanta, a housewife is tired of her daily chores and forces her husband to remarry. However, she gets jealous and the second wife is involved in an accident.

She asks him to bring home a third wife, who feels ignored among the other two. The villagers also find the dead body of the second wife. Thus, Riti Riwaj (The Water Wives) has thrill, romance, and intimacy making it one of the top Ullu web series.


Halala is one of the top Ullu web series with the highest rating on IMDb (7.8 stars). The story throws light on the practice of Nikaah Halala and Triple Talaq.

The series takes us on the journey of Afza (played by Shafaq Naaz) and Rahil (played by Ravi Bhatia), who have to go through the custom of Nikaah Halala. It is the only option left after Rahil flies into a rage and pronounces Triple Talaaq.

This is one of the best Ullu Web Series that shows us the impact of different customs and traditions on our day-to-day lives.

Khul Ja Sim Sim

Khul Ja Sim Sim is an Ullu original that has a rating of 5 stars on IMDb. This top Ullu web series revolves around Simran (played by Nikhita Chopra), a girl who wants to experiment and indulge in intimacy with her newly wedded husband.

She indulges in certain bold activities and becomes the fantasy of several men. These men include a gangster who drools for her attention and can go to any lengths. This best Ullu web series shows how she deals with the dilemma and reveals how she handles the complicated situation.

If you are looking for a few laughs, romance, and some saucy shots, Khul Ja Sim Sim is the top Ullu hot series for you!

The Bull of Dalal Street

The Bull of Dalal Street revolves around the biggest stock market fraud of 1992. It revolves around the life of Harshad Mehta revealing his humane side and has some steamy scenes. Thus, the Bull of Dalal Street is the top Ullu web series for couples that are interested in the stock market.


If you are a romance and drama fanatic, Panchali is the best Ullu web series for you and your partner. The series revolves around the union of Panchali with five brothers, one of whom is against it. Panchali is a top Ullu hot series that depicts her struggle and romance with each of them.


Bribe is the best Ullu web series that takes us on the journey of Padma, a widow who is forced to barter herself to receive her widow’s pension. However, she engages in sexual activities with these powerful men to receive whatever she wants. Watch Bribe to know how the woman stands up against all odds.


Ullu has an array of series that you can enjoy with your partner while relaxing for the weekend. The aforementioned top Ullu web series is perfect for a casual watch and will fulfill your dose of comedy, thrill, and romance.

If you have watched these top Ullu hot series, make sure to leave your review down below! You could also add some more suggestions for fellow Ullu viewers.



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