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‘J. Cole Regrets His Dissing Of Kendrick Lamar

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'J. Cole Regrets His Dissing Of Kendrick Lamar

(CTN News) – J. Cole isn’t proud of one track on his new album, where he disses Kendrick Lamar.

The rapper, who dropped his album “Might Delete Later” on Friday, released a track called “7 Minute Drill” with a verse aimed at his friend.

At his music festival, Dreamville Fest, J. Cole said he was proud of the project – except for one part. One part of that s— makes me feel like, ‘Man, that’s the lamest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life.’ And I know that’s not what most people want to hear.”

Lamar, the first rapper to win a Pulitzer Prize in 2018, referred to Cole and Drake in a guest verse on Future/Metro Boomin’s song “Like That.” J. Cole and Drake named themselves, Drake and Lamar the “Big Three” of rap music in their song “First Person Shooter,” which Lamar responds to.

As soon as “Like That” was released on March 22, Lamar’s verse went viral online, prompting speculation about J. Cole and Drake’s response. In the opinion of many fans, Lamar’s verse was too scathing not to be responded to by Cole and Drake.  The rapper said that he tried to “jab” Lamar back in a friendly way, but that it didn’t “sit right.” He also said that if Lamar was offended, he would take a second diss “on the chin.”

As a result of video footage of J. Cole onstage remarks, many people have spent days discussing Cole’s diss track on X. Lamar’s second album, “To Pimp a Butterfly,” became the 2016 Grammy Award winner for best rap album.

Online rap fans felt Cole’s diss was weak, since “TPAB” has received both critical and commercial acclaim.

J. Cole told Dreamville Fest attendees he felt pressured to attack Lamar.

In his address to the crowd, J. Cole said, “I felt conflicted because I don’t really feel no way, but the world wants to see blood.” In his diss, he also apologized for underestimating Lamar’s discography.

What makes Kendrick Lamar a great rapper? A standing ovation greeted Cole’s statement. Moreover, he described the experience of standing alongside Drake and Lamar as “blessed.”. Despite the diss, Drake has not directly responded. In a Florida concert, he seemed to reference it.


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