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Anna Paquin Uses A Cane After ‘Difficult’ 2 Years With Mobility Issues: ‘It Hasn’t Been Easy’

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Anna Paquin Uses A Cane After 'Difficult' 2 Years With Mobility Issues: 'It Hasn't Been Easy'

(CTN News) – During a red carpet event held recently, Anna Paquin stepped out for the first time in a year to promote her latest film, “A Bit of Light,” which she co-starred in with Stephen Moyer, her husband and co-star from “True Blood.”

Anna explained to People during the event that she has been struggling with an undisclosed health issue for the past two years.

Despite his need for a cane to walk, Anna Paquin told the publication that the process had not been easy.

In an interview with People magazine, Anna Paquin also revealed that, due to her health issue, she was experiencing some difficulties with her voice.

The source added that Anna Paquin is hoping he can recover fully from his injury. There has not been any information released about the specifics of the actor’s health problem.

During the filming of Anna Paquin’s first film “A Bit of Light,” the actress plays the role of a mother who has lost custody of her children to her ex-husband and his current partner after she lost custody of her children to her ex-husband and her romantic lover.

A supporting cast of Pippa Bennett-Warner, Youssef Kerkour, and Luca Hogan is also part of the film.

According to Anna Paquin, independent filmmaking was one of her first loves. That is how I began my career in the film industry.

People with whom I was working were passionate about telling stories, and they told them honestly and honestly, and I found that I was working with people who were passionate about telling stories.”

It was pointed out that Anna Paquin’s husband, Moyer, is “my favorite person to play with,” and that she only agreed to star in the film because she thought he would make an effective director, adding: “I’m not sentimental when it comes to work.”

“A Bit of Light” is releasing in theaters on Friday, April 5, from Quiver Pictures.


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