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Reneé Rapp & Kesha Update ‘Tik Tok’ Diddy Lyric In Surprise Coachella Duet

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Reneé Rapp & Kesha Update 'Tik Tok' Diddy Lyric in Surprise Coachella Duet

(CTN News) – As Kesha joined Reneé Rapp on stage at Coachella on Sunday (April 14), she reworked the opening line of her 2009 breakthrough hit, “Tik Tok.”

This song famously refers to Diddy, who is facing sexual assault and abuse allegations, and whose homes have recently been raided in connection with a federal sex trafficking investigation.

On the original recording of “Tik Tok” from Kesha’s Animals album,

The lyrics say: “Wake up feeling like Mr. Diddy in the morning/Grab my glasses and I’m out the door, I’m gonna hit this city.”

Kesha was warmly welcomed as a special guest (and also described as the “hottest person on earth”) during the set of Rapp at the Indio, California, festival on Sunday.

After Kesha arrived on stage, she began singing a 2024 version of “Tik Tok,” singing: “Wake up in the mornin’ like, ‘F– P. As Rapp and Kesha shouted, both pop stars simultaneously gave the middle finger.

In case anyone thought they misheard that line, Kesha confirmed it in a tweet following her surprise appearance at the festival. On Sunday night, posted the following message on her X (formerly Twitter) account: “WAKE UP IN THE MORNING LIKE A F— P DIDDY.”

Previously, Kesha and Rapp have shared the stage with each other, performing Rapp’s “Your Love Is My Drug” in November. In Rapp’s opinion, the chance to perform with one of your idols who is unapologetically perfect, who is truly one of the best singers in the world, is one of the most unforgettable experiences in his life.

Kesha was one of the artists who influenced Rapp when she was a child, making her want to be sexy, funny, exciting, outrageous, loud, and most of all, f-ing sexy.

As a result of the release of “Tik Tok” in 2009, it topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart in early 2010 and remained at the top for nine weeks.

Here is the Diddy lyric change and their Coachella collaboration on “Tik Tok.”.


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