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‘Golden Bachelor’ Stars Gerry Turner And Theresa Nist’s Divorce Could Hurt Their Pay

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'Golden Bachelor' Stars Gerry Turner And Theresa Nist's Divorce Could Hurt Their Pay

(CTN News) – The “Golden Bachelor” couple Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner are losing out on more than just love in their divorce. After the season, Turner proposed to NIST. They divorced this week. Countless opportunities will be lost in the split.

Eric Schiffer said Turner and Nist’s divorce will have a “tremendous” impact on their earnings in the future. They will explode into bits, Schiffer said. Opportunities for business have died. Theorized. After getting bonuses and wedding money, ‘The Golden Bachelor’ looks like a giant dud.”

Achilles PR’s Doug Eldridge discussed the former couple’s possible income with Fox News Digital. Eldridge explained that reality stars are difficult to determine which ones will last and which fade away.

The Real Housewives’ Bethenny Frankel – who launched the billion-dollar Skinny Girl Cocktails brand – is just one of many names we easily forget. In 2013, Vanderpump left Real Housewives and launched Vanderpump Rules. Ten years later, it won its first Emmy. Her reality TV success has leveraged exposure for the restaurants and bars she owns with her husband, Eldridge said.

Vanderpump and Turner have been around for years, but Nist and Turner are new players. 72-year-old Turner and 70-year-old Nist lived very normal lives before finding love on TV. Upon retiring at 55, he gave back to his community by doing handyman jobs, and she remained in the financial industry.

After being thrust into the Golden Bachelor spotlight just over six months ago, they got married and divorced. Despite this, Eldridge told Fox News Digital that some reality stars earn millions of dollars.

He explained that high-end reality TV stars draw $2 million-plus a post on social media, but it’s smarter to market yourself using your celebrity. He launched Teremana Tequila with his profile, and now he’s making ZOA energy drink with his profile.”

It’s not just a one-off fee of $2-$3 million for a social post, they’re driving sales for brands they either created or own a large stake in.” “If it succeeds, it could pay between $20 million and $1 billion.” Golden Bachelor says “most brands would rather not get involved” with someone recently charged with a crime.

Their bank accounts will hear “a giant sucking sound” instead of pocketing half a million to a couple million dollars, Schiffer said.

The engagement ring will be one of the Golden Bachelor couple’s losses. Turner and Nist will return the ring to ABC. The network provided it for the show when they announced their divorce on Friday.

“But what?” Turner asked. Memories don’t have to be returned.” Engagement ring by Neil Lane. In Lane’s ring, a princess cut diamond was surrounded by two baguette cut diamonds and 128 round diamonds. $45,000 is its 3.15 carat weight value.

Additionally, Turner and Nist had prenuptial agreements, which they “highly recommend” others do. There was no lack of love between them, the Golden Bachelor explained, but they simply couldn’t work things out.

The two of us have discussed our situation closely, our living situation, and so forth. We’ve both decided it might be a good time to dissolve the marriage,” Turner said. I’ve noticed a lot of dedication to our families in our conversations,” Nist said. “As we look at these situations, I think we both feel like it’s appropriate for our happiness to live apart.”

New Jersey-based NIST lives in Indiana. TMZ Golden Bachelor and other outlets reported earlier this month that Turner and NIST were still living apart. Charleston, South Carolina, was originally planned. Despite Turner’s desire to live in the city and Nist’s child living there, the plan ultimately failed.


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