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Grimes Faces ‘Difficulties’ During His Coachella Performance Of 50 Minutes

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Grimes Faces 'Difficulties' During His Coachella Performance Of 50 Minutes

(CTN News) – While Grimes performed at Coachella 2024, he faced “major technical difficulties” throughout the performance.

She claimed to have to restart the album several times before reaching the halfway point of Music 4 Machines when she claimed that she had to restart it several times before reaching the half-way point of the album.

In an effort to explain why the songs were playing at a double speed as opposed to the speed she had intended, Grimes said, “This is a difficult thing to explain, but there is some major technical problem,” she said. “Please don’t judge me for my lack of ability when it comes to calculating things.

She even admitted that she was trying to recall the “tempo of each song” that she had queued up in her mind, but she was not able to do so in time, as she was trying to do the math in time.

Consequently, the singer has decided to play some of the unreleased songs she recorded a few days ago, which are songs that have not yet been released.

The set was falling apart as Grimes let out angsty screams and when the set was falling apart, Grimes stated that he was trying to think. The math skills I have aren’t good enough for this stuff. I’m not good at this stuff.”

However, it turned out that the singer ended up being ‘led into Genesis’ as her stage performance was shortened at the end, and the singer was forced to leave the stage while she was still performing.

There are five albums by this artist Grimes that have been released to date, among them three singles released in 2013 with artists such as Anyma, Illangelo, and Sevdaliza: Welcome to the Opera with Anyma, I Wanna Be Software with Illangelo, and Nothing Lasts Forever with Sevdaliza.


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